Branded electrical,furnitures,home appliances, lights,sanitary wares, plywood in one building at 40 to 50 % discount 


          Building materials are used for construction. It is mainly occurring substances such as clay, rocks, wood ,twigs and leaves.There are different types of building materials used in the construction of houses.They are steel wood, concrete, etc.All materials has different weight, strength, durability, cost making.These materials are based on cost,effectiveness to resisting loads and stresses the structure. 

        The construction industry fits a variety of locally sourced materials. Now they use Innovative construction styles with vigorous technology. Wood is the most common  construction material. Compared to plastic, other products wood is a natural advantage. It has been the primary choice of Indian construction. Glass is an important material. Aluminum, steel alloys are important materials. Cement is another provides strong  resilience to the construction, overall integrity of the building. Made of clay bricks offer high strength to the construction. It has long been used to construct homes .

        There are mainly several types of electrical  materials used in the construction of a house. electrical wires are made with copper,aluminum  and silver.Electrical installation materials are accessories for distribution of electricity in buildings and associated outdoor areas. Switch boxes, main plugs,laying cables are other electrical materials. 

          We can see a place where we get building materials  at low prices.we can buy electrical materials at 40 to 50 % discount.  They provide quality  branded materials. All building materials  are available  here. Anchor switches have Rs 20.we will get all branded paints at 40% we can buy power tools arc40%.A lot of lights are here. 50 inch television has Rs 28,000

              It is in the build hub, Thonnakkal ,Thiruvananthapuram .You can buy all materials, furnitures from here at low price.A lot of LED lights are available. Lights, furniture,locking systems, boards,sanitary wares,electrical materials, tools,home appliances, paints,etc.

       In the electrical  section, you can buy all materials at low prices. Anchor,Gm,Legrand, havells,branded switches are available here. Havens,RR cables wires are here. You will get a 40 to 50 % discount for wires and will get black anchor switch at Rs 20.Normally black switches are expensive. 

      All electrical items are available  here.wall fans, pedestrian fans,ceiling fans ,are available here.motor pumps are available.  It has Rs 2600.Havells full designed fans has Rs 3600. There is a tools section in this building. Makitha, Dewalt,Stanley branded  tools are available here.All are international will get 40 to 6p50 % discount for all the tools.branded grinder,driller are available.  You will get warranty for all these materials. All are imported materials. Power tools are available at 50% discount.

      All branded paint materials, emulsions are available here at low prices.All branded paints like burger, deluxe, indigo ,Asian paints are available here. You can buy paints at 40% discount. All colors of paint are here.Enamel,mat are available at low price.

       They have some projects like bare houses, badminton court, football court,roofing shingles,  container restaurants, turf,etc.We can buy a puffsheet from here. It is used to decrease the heat and placed under the sheet.we can use it in AC buildings.we can place it under roofing sheets.Readymade Window frames, door frames are available. It has Rs 3800,4300,etc.

        Hi-tech oats are available. Doors, windows ,asbesto sheets are here.different types of roofing sheets ,shingles,mica board are available. Wash basins are available at a low price . The storage space of wash basins are made with multi color closets are here. Cera,Hindware, prayag,are available. Plywoods,multiwood, veneer mica,and hardwares are here.All interior materials are available. Action Tesa Pre laminated  boards are here. You can use it on floors instead of tiles.

        Mica boards are there. Glossy, mat,scrubb type,marble finishes are available. Different collections are here.7×7,3×3 plywood are here.locks started at low price. Steel,aluminium finished locks are here.Different types of scorio hanging  lights are here.outdoor,indoor lights are here,commercial items also here.It starts from Rs 120 to 2,00,000.waterproof outdoor lights are started at Rs lights are also available. Wall lights starting from Rs 350.

     Branded home appliances  are available in this building. Ultra HD television LED 32 inch  started at Rs 9999.50 inch TV started at Rs 28,000.Air conditioner Lloyd 110 3 star started  at Rs 27,000.They provided Rs 3000 blanket free with AC.Full automatic washing machine started at Rs 15,000.All branded washing machines  are here. Refrigerator started at Rs 12,000.

        A furniture hub is also is the 6 th showroom. Sofas started at Rs 15,999.artificial marble top dining  table available can select color ,quality and design. All furniture is available here.Premium sofas available at Rs 50,000.Teak coin dining table available  here.MDF 4door almarai available at Rs 35,000.mattress starts at Rs 4999. Nano chairs available at Rs 8000. Iron table is available at Rs will get 5 to 40 % discount. Family cost beds are available at an affordable price.sofas starts at Rs 15,000.

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