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      Home appliances are machines which assist household functions. Home appliances are mainly three types. They are small appliances, major appliances  and consumer  electronics. According to maintenance and repair home appliances are divided into three types.Consumer electronics require high technical knowledge and skills. White goods need practical knowledge to manipulate the devices and heavy tools required to repair them. Home appliances are a very important material in the house.Home appliances are machines, usually electrical, that are in your home and which you use to do jobs such as cleaning or cooking.

      Major appliances are white goods including air conditioners, dishwashers, cloth dryers, freezers ,kitchen stoves, washing machines, induction cookers ,trash compactors, etc. These home appliances are painted or enameled white. Small appliances are small household electrical machines. These are very useful and we can easily carry and install them. Small appliances including exhausted hoods,toasters, blenders ,rice cookers ,dough blenders ,electric kettles, coffee makers, Waffle irons, herb grinders, food processors ,coffee grinders, meat grinders, electric mixers and juicers.

      Consumer electronics are electronic equipment intended for everyday use. It included devices used for communication ,recreation and entertainment. It is also called brown goods. It is distinguished from white goods which are made for housekeeping tasks such as refrigerators and washing machines. It  could be considered brown goods and some of these appliances are connected to the internet.

      Some such appliances are finished with imitation wood. Consumer electronics includes computers, telephone ,answering machine ,Hi-Fi ,home cinema ,video game consoles ,alarm clock ,camera, camcorders, digital camera ,CD, DVD, VCR ,TV set ,radio receiver and home electronics.

      Home appliances have a major role in the life of a modern man. It has a significant place in the life of man. Now human beings use more sophisticated tools and Home appliances for their daily life. It helps to make your life convenient and comfortable. Electrical or mechanical home appliances accomplish some household functions. These appliances are important which are used in our household for various day to day functions like cleaning, exercising ,purifying ,cooking and food preservation.

      Majority of household appliances are large machines used in the bedrooms, bathrooms, halls and kitchen. Modern appliances are user friendly and durable than traditional appliances. They are more energy efficient products. You can save energy through electrical home appliances. You should run your dishwasher on low temperature. Run your washing machine on a cooler cycle. Adjust your fridge temperature. Keep your freezer full and defrost your fridge and  freezer.

      We can see a place where we get electrical home appliances  at affordable  prices. It is in factory outlet,kalady junction, ernakulam. You will get 32 inch Television at Rs 6000. It has a 3 star rating.  Annual energy consumption id 59.85%.All input facilities are available.  Home theaters are available. 32 to 55 inch Televisions  are available here.

     It is very useful  for common people. You can buy Televisions, washing machines, home theatre, an oven,etc from here . You will get 30 to 70 % off these appliances. You will get three, four burner hobs,pedestal fans.Air coolers started at Rs 3900.Tower fans are available  at Rs 1650. 

     A variety of shoe racks are available  here.It has Rs 215.Tea kettles are available  at Rs 490. Inverter Air conditioner 1.5 ton  has Rs 30,000.1 ton air conditioner  has Rs 19,000.Semi automatic washing machines 8.5 kg,  has Rs 10500.washing machine  6.5 kg has Rs 6000.Fully automatic  washing machines are available. 

     Various  air coolers are available  here . It has Rs 5900. Different  types of kadai pans are available here.Latest sound technology home theater system is available.  You can use it in the soundbar and sub-boombar system of an LED TV. It has Rs 7500.It is 80 watts can attach it to the LED Television.You will get better quality sound. 

      Microwave Ovens are started at Rs 3300.All functions like baking,making biscuits, cake, rotisserie .Different models are available.  45 liter oven has Rs 6000.28 liter oven has Rs 4500.Televisions are started from 32 inch to 65 inch. 32 inch Television has Rs 8500.It is normal television.  

      Smart televisions  are started at Rs 8900.50 inch Television has Rs 27500. It is smart, full HD, Android with wifi connection. It is an imperative brand of Television.40 inch television at Rs has silver beading. It has double speakers. Mini refrigerators are available  here.ceiling fans are available at Rs 890. Home theatres are available at Rs 8000.

      100 watts home theater has Rs 10,000.pressure cookers 5liter are available at Rs 760. 3 liter has Rs 590.10 liter has Rs 1280.Steel rice cooker has Rs 1290. You will get 2li,3li,5 liter cookers at Rs 1280.crockery sets are available  at Rs 400. These are quality materials. Electrical  kettles are available  at Rs 490.

       Chicken,fish frier available at Rs 890.Micro exhaust  fans are available  at Rs 560.Trimmer sets are available  at Rs 1000.Touch control Light is available  at Rs 790.Multimedia speakers are available  at Rs 2500.Iron boxes are available at Rs 350.All electrical  home appliances  are available  at affordable  prices. Hand mixers are available  at Rs 850. Bluetooth speakers are available  at Rs 1900.Trolley speakers ,100 watts are available at Rs 10,000

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