Bird flu 

          It is the influenza virus that  Primarily infect birds, but can also infect humans. It most often infected by contact with the sick birds and passed from person to person.

               An outbreak of bird flu has been reported in Kozhikode district,  prompting authorities to order culling of ducks and hens within 1 kilometre radius of affected areas. It  cause severe disease with the high mortality. Bird flu confirmed in 1 chicken farm and 1 nursery in west kodiyathoor and vengeri in Kozhikode. It’s the first case of bird flu in the state after 2016 outbreak. It is in high alert and special expert team will carry out a detailed study in affected places.


  •   It can spread to domestic poultry like chicken, duck,  geese. 
  • It is transmitted via contact with an infected birds faeces, secretion from its nose,  mouth or eye.
  •  Undercooked poultry meat or eggs  from infected birds can transmit bird flu. 

Symptoms in birds 

  • Sudden death without any symptoms
  •  Lack of coordination
  •  Purple discoloration of wattles, combs,  legs
  • Mis shapen or soft shelled eggs.
  • Lack of appetite. 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Swelling of head, eyelids,  hock
  • Nasal discharge 
  • Sneezing
  • Decrease egg  production.

 Symptoms in humans

  •  fever 
  • cough 
  • sore throat
  •  conjunctivitis 
  • pneumonia 
  • acute respiratory symptoms 
  • Severe complications.


  •  Poultry workers should be aware of signs of bird flu in poultry.
  •  Immediate steps to protect themselves and others
  • Prevent spread of disease.
  • Report the disease to animal health authorities.
  •  Seek medical care.
  •  Take a antiviral medication. 
  • Get current influenza vaccine. 
  • Isolation.
  •  Use gloves.
  • Avoid contact with the infected Birds secretions.

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