Bhagya mithra lottery of the state government  of kerala

         We  are take a lot of lotteries. We know about the many lotteries offered by the state. Large scale lotteries are also held during festivals. The Pooja Bumper Lottery draw on  November 15.

       Today I would like to share with you about a new lottery introduced by the state government.Today launch a mobile application and a website to learn all about lottery information. The draw will be held on the first sunday of every month.

      This lottery is called bhagya mithra.First prize is Rs 5 crore.5 people get Rs 1 crore each.The price is Rs 100 per ticket.The second prize is Rs10 lakh. The third  prize is Rs 2 lakh for 8 people.Rs 5000,Rs 2000,Rs 1000,Rs 50p.Rs 300 are the remaining prizes.

     The state government has setup another website for this purpose.We know the details of the lottery through our mobile phones.The name of mobile application is bhagyakeralam.We can download it through  play store.

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