Best ways to gain healthy weight 

           While many people  are starving to lose weight ,few are working to gain weight. There are a lot of people in our society who think that  lean is beauty.. But there are people who do not put on weight despite their best efforts. Some people even lose their  sleep due to not being weight. 

                But if we do not have any diseases ,it is better to keep the body lean . But we have to body weight according to our height . It is harder to increased weight than  lose weight.

            Today I want to share with you the ways for those who want to gain weight. We can gain weight very quickly. For that we need to make some changes in our lifestyles.

            First we need to make some changes in our diet. Immediately after wake up rinse your mouth and drink two glasses of water . Then do the basics and drink a glass of milk with breakfast . Mix a little  turmeric powder in that milk. Eat an egg,one banana.3 dates with it. You can then add other foods according to your appetite . 

                    Breakfast should never be skipped. Eat any fruit at about 10 o’clock /drink a glass of fresh juice. Let’s have  rice for lunch. Cucumber, carrot, fish,meat,vegetables, should include in your diet. We need to alternately include chickpeas ,peas,lentils in our diet. We can include light meals with tea at 4 p.m. We must have eaten before 9 o’clock for dinner.  We can eat oats or salad items or fresh juice for dinner. 

                 we can include fig  for dinner. We should only go to bed 2 hours after dinner.In the mean time drink plenty of water .You should drink at least 12 glasses of water from morning to evening .Once we are done continuously, our body will change according to the food we eat.

           Next  is the exercise  done at least 30 minutes a day . The most important of these are stretching ,push-ups and abdominal exercises . If our body wants to absorb all the vitamins and minerals in the food we eat, we need to exercise.

            Third one is , we need good sleep. All the organs of our body are doing its work. But they need a proper relaxation. Get at least 8 hours of sleep one day . As mentioned, if we eat well, exercise and rest well  our body will be well nourished. 

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