Best quality branded  tiles at low cost 


      Tiles  are an important  choice of construction  material for their kitchen,bathroom can consider installing  granite tiles on your floors. Tiles floors last a lifetime. It has strain resistance also.we can easily wipe the stains from granites. Tiles are the most durable flooring  product available  in the market. These are the perfect choice for those that suffer from allergies. We can clean it easily.  Tiles and grants are better options compared  to carpet,laminate,etc.  But tiles and granite are expensive. 

       We can see a place where we get tiles and granite at low cost . It is very helpful to build a low budget house. They can select tiles at Rs 37,000 for flooring, kitchen and bathroom. We can use it for a 1000 square feet house. It is Alpha tiles and granites,  Karunagappally. 

        These are high quality  tiles. It includes 4/2 tiles,gvt, nano,kitchen wall,digital tiles,galaxy cut pieces,bathroom walls.These all types of tiles have Rs 37,000.All huge collections are available  here.4by 2 tiles means 1.2 ×600. We can see a lot of 4by 2 tiles here. These tiles are digital high glossing tiles. There are branded tiles. These tiles are started from Rs 45.

        We will get big size tiles from here. It is 1200×2400 size tiles. These are joint free tiles. Book matching series tiles are also available  here. These tiles cost Rs 65.somania full body, white series are also available here.  It has Rs 89. Mac finish tiles are available  here. We can use it on kitchen walls. It is Rs 90.

       Wooden tiles are also available. We can use it in bathrooms, bedroom walls, and has Rs 65. We can see a variety of 3D affected bathroom  walls . It has Rs 60. Cladding stone has Rs 65 .Various verified cladding  tiles are available. Pure white tiles are available. A lot of collections  are seen here. Nano whites are also available. 

        Kitchen floors are available  at Rs 38.variety 55 types cladding stones are available. Beautiful  wall tiles are bought at Rs 65.mac finished  wall tiles are here. You should use epoxy  to join the tiles. 

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