Best  home remedies to relieve headache

        Headache is a common ailment. Few people have never had a headache in their life. For many people will always be headache. Actually headaches come in many forms. Never take a headache lightly. is because headaches can be a symptom of many diseases. Head ache is a painful sensation of head. It has various ranges.

          Some people get headaches as soon as they  get up in the morning. Some people have headaches when they have a small tension. But if the headache is part of some illness, it will not go away. 

       Therefore we should never take headaches lightly. Headaches can happen when we have mental stress. There is also a  headache that is confined to one part of the head. 

         Mainly headaches are two types . Headaches that  do not become part of another illness are called primary headache. A headache that is part of any illness is called a secondary headache.Tension head ache,migraine,cluster head ache are included in primary headache. 

                       Secondary head ache is caused due to any symptom  of blood clot in the brain,brain tumor, glaucoma,dehydration, storage of mucus, stroke, overuse of pain killers,Excessive alcohol consumption.

       Today we can see about primary headache. Tension headache is a headache that starts in the morning.It is a recurring headache. For this headache it can be like a something heavy on the head. We have pain in both sides of the head.Within hours,this headache will go away.

      Migraine is a pain that usually appears on one side of the head. Migraine headaches can be accompanied by Blurred vision, nausea,  sensory disturbance. This is a headache that lasts for 2 to 3 days.

     The cluster headache that usually lasts 15 minutes to 3 hours. There will be severe headaches on one side only. The pain is felt around the eyes.

     Rebound headache that gets worse with medication. Excessive use of painkillers increases the severity of  headache.The pain lasts the whole day.

    Sometimes occur headache due to lack of magnesium, vit B complex.We can cure this to eat vitamin rich foods.Drink plenty of water.Sleep well. Avoid loud noise.

Home remedies

  • We can  reduce headaches with ice pack/ heat pack.
  • We can drink ginger tea. 
  • We can take mixture of ginger juice and lemon.
  • We  can apply ginger paste on the head.
  • Peppermint is used to relieving headache.
  • We can apply peppermint oil to the forehead.
  • We can take peppermint tea.
  • We can apply cinnamon paste to the forehead upto 30 minutes.
  • Exercise is the best remedy to relieve headaches. 
  • Mix clove oil and coconut oil,apply on the forehead to reduce  the headache.

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