Best businesses start with Rs 1 lakh


    A business  is the organized efforts and activities of individuals to produce and sell goods for profit.we can choose business  ideas .First determine a demand for what you want to provide. If you are thinking of starting  a business, consider  great business  ideas.

       We can start online education. You can choose any subject you are knowledgeable about and teach a course.If you have good time management  skills,reliable  vehicle ,you can start a medical  courier service. 

      If you can type quickly, you can start a transcription  service. If you have marketing  knowledge, you can establish yourself as a freelance can write blogs,contents,etc.You can start a T shirt design printing can take someone else’s visuals and screen printing  on to a blank t-shirt.

      People now learn about businesses on the internet more often than other businesses.  Everyone is concerned about maximising  profit while minimising workload. You can use your skills and offer a good work life balance.

     We can start businesses  from home. First choose a business  idea ,analyse the current  market,create a plan,assess your finance and raise money,register  business with the government, advertise  your business. 

     Today we can see some business plans start with one lakh investment.Mainly two types of costs are necessary to start a business.First one is the cost for collecting the inventory of raw materials. Another one is the marketing budget. Most people see the marketing cost as very simple. But marketing cost is very important. Today I would like to introduce you to three businesses  that can be started with Rs 1 lakhs.

      First business is the business of used materials. It is a simple business. It includes furniture, home appliances, etc. Even when there is a small complaint in household items ,people start changing it. There are people who change the furniture, as the model and design of the furniture  changes. There is a situation where there is no place to even throw away old things. That is why there are a lot of such items that are not used in many homes.

      If we polish it a little, we will get  a lot of things that will transcend even the new one.we can collect these items and sell them. We can open an online store. It is a profitable business. We can  use digital  marketing, online  classifieds  platforms, etc. We can generate a large sales volume. 

      Next is the snacks business.  We can select fresh tasty  foods. It will be a good opportunity.  We can generate  and brand this business. It needs a unique taste. 

      Next, a lot of places in rural areas are lying idle. We can take such places organized   and start high tech farming. We can start an outlet . People focus on quality. We will get more profit  from it.  We can start this business with a small amount. We will get free seeds,plants from krishi bhavan. These businesses want convenience. Functionality is very important. 

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