Benefits  you will receive in the month of August 

         Many benefits are already available during this Onam season. But not everyone wants to receive this benefits. Today I would like to share with you some of the benefits that can reach our hands. Today I am sharing with you how to check whether the benefits of Central and state governments are reaching your accounts properly.

               Let us first look at the social security pensions.  About 48 lakh people are receiving social security pensions. Social security pensions for the month of May and June were distributed by the end of July. It was distributed to those who had to reach for the hands and those who had to reach the banks. These benefits delivered by cooperative society officials. 

          The distribution at that time was Rs 2600. It has been decided to distribute the pensions for the month of July- August together. About Rs 1170 crore has been sanctioned for this distribution. In the month of August,another Rs 2600  reached your hands. You can check if you have received your pension by entering your Aadhar number on the sevana pension website.

            There are many peoples involved in the Rural Employment Guarantee scheme.It has about 2,51,000 beneficiaries. The state government has given Rs 1,000 to their account as a benefit to those who have completed 100 working days among them. The amount will be credited to their bank accounts. 25 crore 45 lakhs has been allotted for this purpose.

        Similarly AAY and BPL card holders will get 5 kg of rice per adult under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana scheme. Similarly a card can get one kg of peas. If the distribution has started from the 21st of this month.

          The state government is distributing Onam kits containing items worth around Rs 500. 11 types of condiments are included. Kit distribution for AAY card is completed. Kit distribution for BPL card holders is currently in progress. The Kit will be distributed to APL card holders in the coming days.

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