Benefits of steel doors

            I would like to tell you about a different product . At the time when timber is on the use there is a lot of materials available in our country. I want to tell you about the benefits of steel doors. Steel door is a great alternative to wood. Steel doors were formerly imported from Indonesia. These days it is manufactured in our own country.

 Benefits of Steel doors

  • Steel doors  do not have any problem like   timber.
  •  If it is timber damaged ,there is a chance to change the weather accordingly. 
  • Since this is not a problem for the steel door.
  • Since this is a single mold, there is no chance of any gap.
  • Commonly wood has a slight termite effect. But the steel door has no chances.
  • Steel door has five types of locking system. So to some extent this is anti theft .
  • Now we have steel doors that are of great design to beat even  the wood.
  • The Steel door is now available in the colour of teak,eety woods.
  • Steel door  has a locking system with excellent  security.
  • Normal doors could only lock the locking system to one  side .
    It comes with 11 types of locking system .
  • Therefore it is a product that is stronger than wood.
  • Many people have doubt so that it is sound produced maybe touching Steel but usually this steel door has does not make any sounds like that . Because the Steel doors are made after they  fill the inside.
  • Another special feature of this one is that it comes with architrave. We get in  a good design architrave. 
  • The grouts are filling in the architrave. We can attach a recognisable i- catcher to someone outside . It is usually placed on the wooden door. One of the greatest features is that it can be placed on the steel door.
  •  Another feature of this door is that the key is not to be done duplication. This is because it’s  design is unique . Up to 5 keys can be used . 
  • All of you need to do is select UV coated steel door .
  • Steel doors from Rs 13,000 are available in our country .
  • It is always better to use the  steel door which is always exterior. 


  • Steel doors are  never preferable on the coasts. Due to increased salt content in the coastal area ,there is a chance the Steel to be rust.

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