Benefits of Pravasi welfare board

           The  Pravasi welfare scheme,  introduced under the Pravasi act 2008, aims to bring together expatriates around the world under one umbrella.

It is not known how many expatriates are members in this scheme.  It has many benefits.

 official website :www. Pravasi welfare. fund. org


  • Age   : 18 to 60 years
  • Now  working abroad (1A)
  • Those who returned after working abroad for more than 2 years (1B)
  • Those who work in States outside kerala (2A)
  • Those who came back to Kerala after working in Indian states,  outside the Kerala(2B)

 Registration fees 

Rs 200 

Monthly payment 

1A   – Rs 300 

1B   – Rs 100 

2 A    – Rs 100

2B       – Rs 50 




  • Monthly payment must be pay until 60 years of age.
  • Paid the  monthly payment not less than 5 years.
  • Include category 1A,  1B, 2A, 2 B
  • For  members who have  paid more than 5 years,  they will receive an additional pension equal to minimum pension amount for each membership year  they have paid.
  • The total pension shall not be more than double the minimum pension amount.

2) Family pension

  • If a member dies after becoming eligible for pension,  his family members are eligible to monthly family pension.
  • The family pension amount will be 50 % of the monthly pension amount.

 3)Financial assistance on the death.

  • Financial assistance on the death of a member due to illness or accident. 
  • 1A    – Rs   50000 
  • 1B     – Rs 30,000
  • 2A      – Rs 25000 
  • 2B    – Rs    20000 

4)Financial assistance for medical treatment. 

  • financial assistance for medical treatment of the members affected with the serious illnesses.
  • get up to RS 50,000 

5)Financial assistance for marriage

  • Financial assistance for marriage of women members and daughters of the members 


  •  Payment should be made continuously for 3 years.
  • Except 2B category
  • No more than 2 times the benefit 
  • Get up to  Rs 10000 

6)Maternity Benefit to women members 


  • payment should be made continuously for 2 years. 
  • Except 2B category.
  • Get up to  Rs 3000 for  a female member. 
  • One member cannot get more than 2 times. 


  • Except 2B category 
  • up to 2000

7) financial assistance for education 

  • Payment should be made continuously for 2 years. 
  • Financial assistance for  education of members.
  • Up to Rs  4000


  •  filled form 


  • photo 
  • signature 
  • passport copy(self attested)
  • Iqama copy /visa


  • photo
  •  signature 
  •  SSLC copy 
  • driving licence
  •  nativity certificate from village office
  • Residence certificate


  •  photo
  • signature
  •  date of birth 
  • SSLC 
  • driving licence
  • Nativity certificate from village officer 
  • Resident certificate

How to register online

  • Visit  official website.
  • Fill the application form
  • Upload the photo, documents and the signature.
  • Confirm the details. 
  • Click the submit. 
  • For payment, there save and data and pay button. 
  • Get a number.
  •  Screen goes to payment gateway.
  •  pay the Registration fees by bank/ online.
  •  we get an ID number and get a message. 

How to pay monthly payment online 

  • Click online registration 
  • Enter  the application number and date of birth. 
  • Enter  the category.
  •  Pay the amount. 

online registration – http:// www. Pravasikerala. org /instruction. php

online subscription   – /epay/ public /index.php/member. 

online registration status   – http:// www. statuschk.php

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