Benefits of P M  Man Dhan Yojana

                   It is a  national pension scheme for self employed persons . Reaching out to you through this is a great financial aid . Pradhan Mantri Sharm  Yogi Manthan is a social welfare scheme . It is launched by government of India in February 2019. The aim of the scheme, for Poor labourers in the unorganised sector from minimum 18 years to maximum 40 years. It offers eligible citizens a regular pensions in the age of 60 years. It  for the labour class people. 


  •  Aadhar card 
  • Bank account
  • Mobile handset for OTP verification 
  • Initial contribution amount.


  • carpenters, masons,street vendors, ragpickers ,cobblers, brick makers, leather workers ,rickshaw pullers, landless labourers, Beedi workers are included in this  scheme .
  • Workers who do not have fixed income.
  • The workers earning an income of less than Rs 15,000 / month.
  •  18 to 40 years.


  • The age of submission is between 18 to 40 years .
  • We start getting pension from the age of 60 .
  • We will be getting that amount every month .
  • When we are applying under the age of 40, if something happens to us, our  spouse or others can pay the rest of it.
  •  If we die while receiving pension, 50 % of the amount will be credited to the family account .
  • Every age has different investments.
  • Investment starts at Rs 55 and  ends at Rs is arranged.
  • Rs 55 at the age of 18 and Rs 60 at the age of 19,it  comes in such an order.
  • We have to invest a very small amount for this. It  will be profitable in the future.
  •  if the  investment  lapses within 10 years, you can get  only the interest you get in the regular savings bank account.
  •  If  we have investments  for more than 10 years ,we get that amount later on the proportion scale .
  • A  worker who joins at the age of 18 years, would make a contribution of Rs 55 monthly till the age of 60 years ,the contribution will be made by government to pension account of workers each month .
  • If candidate and roll out after 10 year before 60 years, the share of workers contribution added to the interest will be given back to candidate.
  •  This  scheme is available to many people in every states in India .
  • We can joined this  scheme by applying through online Akshaya Centre or online Seva Centres.
  • You will have to pay a fixed amount of money and get  Rs 3000.
  • It will pay the equivalent  amount of money
    ,the government has to pay a fixed amount from the customer .therefore we feel that the benefit is much greater.

 How to apply 

  • Visit near after common service centre/ Akshaya with necessary documents .
  • Candidates are expected to register their date of birth.
  • After verifying all documents, a specific installment amount is going to get deducted from wallet  of appointed officer .
  • Check the notification.
  • Unique pension code is generated.
  • CSC officer scan  candidate’s documents and added to their database.
  • Provided a pension card .
  • The data sent  to Bank authority. 
  • The bank authority informed about mandate debits 
  • An SMS sent to registered mobile number of candidate.

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