Benefits of banana

              Banana is a edible fruit. It has variety of health benefits. It is high in potassium,  fibre, carbs, sugar. It contain essential nutrients. It could be the antioxidant. It may help prevent asthma,  cancer, BP, diabetes,cardiovascular diseases, digestive problems. 


  • A banana provides 9% of potassium in a person needed. 
  • It prevent  wheezing in children with the asthma.
  • To manage blood pressure.
  •  Reduce strain on cardiovascular system. 
  • Helps  to prevent leukaemia cells from growing. 
  • Children who consumed  banana, orange juice to have a lower risk of developing leukaemia.
  • Banana contain Vitamin C, tryptophan,  magnesium, high fibre. 
  • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. 
  • Banana may help preserve memory,  ability to learn. 
  • Reduce the risk of kidney stones. 
  • Banana reduce swelling. 
  • Unripe banana May help improve insulin sensitivity. 
  • Banana Satiates  hunger. 
  • Eating Bananas may  help reduce exercise related muscle cramps,  Soreness.
  • It can use instead of sugar in your baking and cooking. 
  • It keep you feeling full.
  •  It  supporting digestion and help in building up metabolism. 
  • It  have a low salt content high iron content. 
  • It reduce RBC 
  • It maintain healthy nervous system. 
  • It protect body against cell and tissue damage. 
  • It support brain health. 
  • Banana can help you beat constipation, heartburn,  stomach ulcer.
  • Bananas are good source of vitamin C.
  •  Manganese in Banana is good for skin.
  •  Potassium in banana good for heart and blood pressure.
  • It can aid  digestion and help beat Gastro intestinal issues.
  • It  give you energy. 
  • It minus the fats and cholesterol. 
  • Two bananas provide enough calories for a 1 1/2 hr workout or work. 
  • It helps to increase mucus in the digestive tract which help to prevent stomach ulcer.
  • It  act as natural antacid. 
  • Add a sliced banana to your morning cereal  for a more nutritious breakfast.  

Bad About banana

  •  As the banana ripens, the starch turn into sugar. Unripe banana high in starch and  ripe banana contain sugar.

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