Benefits of ardex endura WPM 300 – single coat is enough for life time


     Painting is very important in a house. It provides an audit layer of protection from the elements and keeps the home safe from weather damage ,dust and insects. Quality exterior paint helps you avoid large repair costs in the future. Painting the interior and exterior wall will increase the overall real estate value of your home. And also it will increase curb appeal.It promotes healthy indoor air quality and  it will reduce odours and fumes. Painting preserves  interior and exterior surfaces through its protective coat. It slows down the wear and Tear process. It protects the walls from the damaging effect of extreme weather conditions. 

     You should select high quality paint to get your walls clean and ready for next few years.New coat of paint provides a new layer protection from moisture. Moisture may cause mold,mildew growth and damage to the walls.But a new coat of paint can help seal out moisture. It reduces added weight. It can repel all dust,dirt,allergens,and keep your home clean.

     Freshly painted walls can increase curb appeal and value of can select attractive colors for painting, It can help protect your home from wear and tear.painting is the most affordable can upgrade your home with painting. You can completely change the look of your home.It helps to transform your home interior look and feel.light colours will help make small spaces seem bigger.

     You will get a new positive energy into your home .New paint can give a fresh and welcoming look to the rooms.Paint is a protective ,shield like outer coating for the siding of the house.It prevents moisture from seeping into your home .It gives extra layer of protection against damage. 

      We can see a material that can be used into the exterior walls instead of paint.It is Ardex endura WPM 300 product.It contains  two components. It is high build material. It is a water based epoxy polyamide membrane . It has resistance to hydrostatic pressure and a good bond to damp surfaces.

       You can use this material’s important water tanks,tough ,hard wearing protective surface resistant to corrosion, bacterial growth and chemical attacks. 


  • Water resistant property 
  • Adhesion to damp surfaces
  • Adhesion to freshly laid concrete 
  • Prevent damp and effervescence 
  • When applied to substrates the cured membrane will withstand 25m hydrostatic pressure. 
  • Non flammable, negligible odour
  • You can use it in sensitive locations  safely.
  • Overcoats using decorative finishing paint.
  • Low water vapor transmission coating.
  •  As damp proof membrane on Negative side to prevent water seepage through interior walls 

       It should be thoroughly stirred before mixing together. Take part A  and part B in equal volume and pour into a large vessel. Mix with spiral mixing paddle until consistent homogenous mix is achieved. When it is applied to dry concrete to wet the surface with water before application. Spread the product with roller to achieve required coverage. Minimum one coat for effervescence and two coats for waterproofing is recommended. 

     It can be removed from tools by using clean water immediately. Ensure adequate ventilation during mixing and application of this material. Avoid contact with eyes,nasal passages,mouth, should wear gloves .

       Only one single coat is enough for life time.It is a German product. Do not use putty and white cement. It is an exterior product. It is a customized product. So you can’t buy from is ardex endura WPM 300. It has 12.50/ square feet. Apply WPM 310 above it.It has Rs 28/ square feet.  It is a waterproof material. You can select color .Do not add color to the color. We can clean it with pressure can use honeycomb roller with 1mm can order this product.  You will get it within 10 to 20 days. 

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