Before buying a used car-  the things you need to know

                 used cars in Kerala are available at all showrooms. Don’t try to get a used car as easy as buying a new car at an authorised showroom. The largest stock of certified, good quality second hand cars across the state,  starting price just Rs 40000.

            For an Indian Consumer,  there are more than 700 different variants of cars available in India and added every month to tap the potential of the growing Indian market. Buying a car in showroom get minimum guarantee. But no guarantee of a second hand car purchased from a stranger.

     before buying a used car the things you need to know  

  • You need to get much information from friends you can about different brands
  •  you can buy an old car directly from Dealers or showrooms or owners directly. 
  • choose the models of your budget and market price
  • you need to check the showrooms are the ones who have completed the maintenance and repair
  •  you need to check the service warranty
  • You should check the engine works.
  • you need to make sure the vehicle not moving forward when gear change
  • you need to looking the mileage and timing of odometer
  •  you need to check the tire
  •  you need to check the battery 
  • check the service history, insurance paper 
  • Avoid repainted car 
  • Avoid discontinued model

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