Beautiful Low budget home in 545 Square feet 

        Construction of a house at low cost is very difficult  to think about in the present time because  of the increased cost of materials  and labour. At Least four to six months needed to build a new house.Low cost housing  is a good concept deals with efficient budgeting. It helps decrease the cost of Construction  through usage of locally available materials  with upgraded skills and technology. 

      You should  select quality  materials  for the building  of a house. Otherwise it leads to early damage to the house. Low cost housing  needs proper administration. Our country has a lot of lower income groups. Lower middle class can’t afford  their own  house because of the high construction  cost. They save money .

      We can see a low cost house build at Rs 10 lakhs. Methods and  techniques incorporated have proven to be successful in reducing negative á basic amenities,facilities with quality. It cuts across other income segments of the society, especially LIG and MIG segments  make good economic  sense.

      Housing is not just a building.  It is a place that shelters ,protects and nurtures its occupants. It provides our personal and professional development.

     We can see a low budget home  that makes 10 lakhs. The car porch costs totally  Rs 8000. The work on the outer wall was completed at a cost of about Rs 10,000. It is a new model Car porch. It is kalamandalam vallathol nagar,Thrissur. It is a model of the best low budget  house.we can reduce  the cost of materials  effectively. It is a beautiful  house. 

      It is a variety  model like Paris. They do not include  concrete and wood in this house. They use only vboard and GI pipes. Solid bricks are used in the walls. They do not use concrete. Paint the doctor, fix it waterproof and paint the walls. They do not use plastering  of walls. They planned and cut the extra elements . It helps to reduce  the cost effectively. 

     The border of the Car Porch is made  with a V board . cuttings .v board is attached  to the panel to increase the beauty. Our wall of the house is made with v boards. These have a western contemporary  style. It has 3 small windows. Small sitout is here, a bench and a stool is here. 

       Doors are made with strip doors. a 6 mm multi wood panel is attached  to the strip board. French style pillows are in the sitout. A beautiful  living area is arranged.  Wall and floor tiles are the same. It increases the beauty.  Tiles are more profitable  than painting. You can select  second tiles .It provides  cooling in the rooms. We can clean easily. 

        There is a passage to the kitchen. We can see a TV unit between the living area and kitchen. It is made with GI pipes. Breakfast table is in the kitchen.  It is very beautiful. It is an open kitchen.  A staircase attached in the kitchen, exhaust pipe is used in the kitchen sink. There is a first floor in this House. It has a bedroom and bathroom.  

        It is 545 square feet. The total cost of this House  is 10 lakhs. It has a sitout, living room, kitchen, 2 bathroom  attached  bedrooms.The construction  takes 78 days only. Ward ward robes are attached in the bedrooms. Sliding windows  are used. Pressure booster is used in the tanks to get water.chimney has Rs 1500. 

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