Beautiful interior designs at Rs 2 lakhs


       Interior design is the making of  interior spaces functional, safe and beautiful for almost every type of building. It makes indoor spaces safe and beautiful by determining space is  selecting decorative items such as colours, lighting and materials. Mainly different types of interior designs are used in the houses. 

         They are nautical interior designing style,traditional interior designing style ,contemporary interior design style, Mediterranean, minimalist, industrial ,modern style of interior designing styles. Most people want to decorate their newly constructed house with unique  and different interior designs. You will get the help of professional interior designers. Now designing with innovative themes has become a trend. Perfect interior design will be established with the combination of decorative styles, modern accessories and experienced practitioners.

     You can select an Interior design, it will depict a positive wave. You will get a warm and relaxing view of images through these designs. Nautical interior designing styles are examples from Cottage style decorations. The designers selected the foundation of sand colour. In  Nautical interior designing style the decorative materials used are jute ropes, seashells in clear jar ,Sail boats, Navigation map etc. And they use wood in  unfinished form to bring a natural view.

     Designer’s use modern and contemporary style in interchangeable patterns. Contemporary style designs are more fluidic in  nature.In contemporary designs they used natural light. They include open Spaces and use natural and textural fabrics, neutral colours and metal accent pieces. In traditional interior designing style they use wooden furniture with style used by traditional craft men. In this design they included wood paneling ,moulding with elaboration antique pieces, tile used over velvet ,sober and classical colors.

      In modern style of interior designs they used mostly glass and steel materials. It looks simple and very beautiful. You will get a new and fresh look with the entire decoration. In modern interior design they use bold colour contrasts, geometric patterns, open floor plans, clear lines with furniture, asymmetric design and artistic look with accessories.

     In industrial interior designing style the designer does not need to make it like your home. Here they use and finish the Rough within the look of interior design. They use high ceilings, old timber, metal fixtures, abstract art and neutral colour schemes. Minimalist interior designs tiles included the designs with very minimum accessories and fixtures. They included simple interior, minimal furnitures, airy atmosphere and Ultra cleanliness. 

     You should create visual harmony in the space by ensuring elements in their are evenly distributed balance. Unity, Rhythm ,contrast ,Emphasis are necessary for interior designs. If you know the principles and incorporate them into interior design you can play a more active role in creating a dream home. Creating visual harmony in the space by ensuring elements are evenly distributed. It provides a sense of equilibrium.

      There are many ways to create rhythm ,using the same color at different  intervals. You can use alternation to create rhythm by rotating two elements. If you are feeling more adventurous you can try progression rhythm.Every room needs a central element as a focal can be a large piece of furniture like piano.contrast is created when one combines different can achieve it easily. 

     We can see an interior design  done for Rs 2 lakhs.It includes wooden partition and study area.These interiors increase the beauty of the house.A beautiful partitio  is done by wood.It separates living hall and dining area.small LED lights are fixed in this partition wall.

     There is a pillar between the living area and dining  area. They cover the pillar with plywood. Then cover with veneer.They used quality materials. 710 full Gurgen plywood is used.It is finished within  4 days.They done sealing with it. It has Rs 60,000.

     They cover the beam for leveling  with gypsum. And cover it with plywood and cover with teak color veneer. They work in bedrooms also. This sealing  work with partitions  has Rs 1 lakh. They make a study is an open area to see them. They use plywood with much for the needs 2 days .

       They had a modular  kitchen with a work area.There is a dining table inside the kitchen. They use multi wood,plywood and mica for cupboards. They used quality materials. They used stainless steel has Rs 2,90000. Tiles, granites are included in this price.

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