Beautiful 2000 square feet house in 8 cents 


     A home is very important  in our life. It protects  us from vagaries of nature,threats , provides a sense of security and well being. A home is not only a physical structure  but also a symbol of power. Home is a primary need for our life. A beautiful  home is every person’s dream. A person without a home cannot plan a family. A family  requires a proper home well furnished and gives proper support. It is necessary  for proper health. Proper house provides sufficient relaxation or better  health.It is a place where one can enjoy with complete freedom. 

      You can make a strong house at low  cost. You can use recycled materials to maintain a low cost can make simple.e house plan. Low cost construction  materials improve access to permanent  homes for low and middle income persons. Some of the recycled  materials are very helpful in building  a house.These materials  have great quality  and sustainability. These materials  provide a variety  design  5i your house.

     You can select the right cheap,durable materials  for furniture. Keep the design and plan of your house simple.Try to use cement for flooring and walls. Just floor the house with cement and make it look more beautiful by applying fresh and attractive color paints.The cost of plumbing  a house varies depending  on the type of plumbing  materials. 

      We can see a beautiful  house in 8 cents . It is  26 th mile,near Kanjirappally, Kottayam. It is a 2000 square  house. It  is 800 miles from Kottayam Kumari highway.It is a project work.A lot of plots are available  near this house. Its outer wall is made with a variety of designs.  Its gate is made with a GI square tube. A wooden paint work is in the gate.

       A large courtyard is here. The entire courtyard is paved with stones. Between it plastic grasses have been planted. A large texture is in the wall. Big sized separate car porch is provided. Variety  tile work is provided  in the car porch.outdoor unique tiles are used.  Small LED lights are provided in the shades. Two pillars are provided  in the car porch. 

     A large species sitout is here. Lepother granites are paved in this sitout. Teak woods are used in all works. A diamond cut finish  like design is provided  in the door. A specific guest living area is here. It is a well ventilated room. We can set TV units in this area. Katarina tiles are used in the flooring.  Beautiful  ceiling works are used .Colourful LED lights are used in the ceiling works. 

    Finolex wiring is used.GM switches are used. A separate part is given to store shoes. A ceiling  work is provided on the  roof. A specific dining area is provided. A staircase provided  near the dining  area. Wash area is provided  under the staircase. Storage spaces are provided under the wash area. 

    A space for the inverter  is provided  under the staircase. A beautiful  milky white ceiling  is provided  .Corner windows  are provided. A beautiful  kitchen is provided. Kitchen doors are also wooden .Steel strips are provided in the doors. 

     A large bea kitchen is provided  here. It has two L’Shaped tops provided.Lot of storage  spaces are provided. Pvc material cupboards are used here.marine plywood partition  provided to the cupboards. Wooden flooring tiles are provided in the kitchen.  It has a second  kitchen. Here we can see aluva stoves. 

     Two bedrooms are provided  on the ground  floor. Bedrooms are also species.  It is well ventilated.  It is 10.99 ×12.52 feet. Wardrobe space is provided. It also has ceiling works. Crompton fans are used. Bedrooms are bathroom attached. It has a luxurious  feeling.  Jaguar  shower,closet sets are used.wash area provided  in the bathroom. 

     Second bedroom  also has 9.78×12.44 feet. It is also well ventilated.  Provided milky colored ceiling  works, it is also bathroom attached. Lepothra granites are provided in the stair rooms. Stainless steel square  tubes are used in the staircase handles. 

      There  is a pergola in the upper part. GI square  tubes are used. There is a lobby space in the upper part. There is also a beautiful ceiling  work with LED lights. We can set a study space here. 2 bedrooms are in the second  storey.ceiling works are also provided  here. These bedrooms  are also bathroom attached. 

     We can see a utility  area near the fourth bedroom.We can set a washing Machine here.There is a balcony  area. It has a texture. It is a beautiful  balcony. Handles are made with GI square tubes. It has Rs 75 lakhs.

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Kanjirappally, Kottayam 


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