Barbary stone pavement  – benefits


                    Stone pavement is the construction  of an outdoor floor. Mainly using asphalt,concrete, flagstone, cobblestone,artificial  stone,bricks,etc. stone papers are used to build flat surfaces for patios,concrete pavers,pool decks,etc.These stones are cut from quarries. It isn’t made from molds and they vary in size,color and texture.They are usually  square  in shape .These stone pavements are part of hardware and used on sidewalks,patios, courtyards etc.

       Natural stone paving is an outdoor paving used for driveways,pavements, etc.Everyone love natural  stone paving .We will get a truly stylish finish.It is more durable  than concrete counterparts .It is kinder to the environment. It is installed  dry on sand bedding. It has low maintenance  too.It will last for a long time.It maintains elegant and unique  finish. 

      Granites are also good for outdoors,it is hard wearing, high integral strength, density  and easy to maintain. Lime stones are also used for paving ,it is beautiful  and it has unique color variations. Sandstone is also used for pavement. These stones bear heavy can select attractive  and durable  paving material on the market.

     These stones are very strong ,dense and suitable  for pedestrians  and vehicles.In factories concrete  papers are made by pouring a mixture of concrete.It is covered with a firm surface suitable  for travel with paving stones. These paving prevents slippering.

        We can see beraber stones and how to make our courtyard beautiful. We can use these stones to the hard roads. It helps to safe journey.  These roads does not having slippery. We can buy these stones from palakkad. We will get a good grip. It is a good idea . It has Rs 90 / square feet .

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