Bank account holders should make careful online transactions

        Sharing that everyone with bank account should pay attention to this topic in our society there are very few people who do not have a bank account. Maybe you have lost money in your bank accounts without even knowing it. 

              We often  deposit and withdraw moneyin bank accounts. We often deposit and withdraw money through Bank ATM’s. Now we go to the banks very rarely.Now a days we also make bank deposits online. Nowadays  we mostly use Google pay and phone pay.

      There are many dangerous things that we do not think about when transaction through  online. It is possible to call us on the phone and ask for money and lose money by making online transactions. 

         Online transaction is very good. We have to be very careful in conducting Bank transactions through other transactions as well as online. Bcause there will be a lot of peoples monitoring our bank transactions. 

If you call someone asking for money  or OTP from your bank account do not give for any  reason. As per the rule of the banks they will never call us and ask or tell the bank details.  They do not ask for bank password details or OTP.

     Despite knowing all this,  many people fall prey to online scams. It is caused by ignorance. Therefore,  be very careful about the transactions we make online. Be sure to change your ATM card pin number every 2 months.

   If at least one rupee  is lost from the bank without your knowledge,  it is essential that you go to the bank and report it. nowadays with the increase in online transactions, many people are losing money from their bank accounts.So be  careful.

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