Athijeevanam keralam 2020

          In this time of covid 19, as unemployed Persons increases ,  I would like to share with you today the good news for all.For that athijeevanam keralam 2020 has about to begin.This scheme has been announced by the chief minister as part of kudumbasree/local Employment assurance. Kudumbashree provides opportunities for these projects.

            It has been decided to create a 50,000 jobs in five parts. It offers  all the support and training you need. 145 crore as part of rebuild kerala and about 20 crore 50 lakh has been set apart for this in the plan fund. This project is expected to create 50,000 jobs.

        This will be of great help to those who have lost their jobs. This scheme will have five subdivisions. 

1.yuva kerala project 

          Its purpose is to provide professional training and employment  to unemployed youth.An amount of 60 crore has been set apart for the yuva Kerala project.


Age limit is 18 – 35 yrs

Age limit upto 45 years is allowed for SC or disability people.

Those from poor families

Preference will be given to those in rural areas

            1 year placement assistance, tracking  free training, meals , accommodation, uniforms and all facilities are provided through this scheme . It aims to create a ten thousands of jobs in the sector

2. Connect work

           This sector creates employment opportunities for about 5,000 young people. It also provides them with the necessary training and employment. Its purpose is to help young people who have the required educational or technical or professional qualifications but do not succeed for the interview or competitive exams. The purpose of this project is to provide them with the necessary training.

3. Kerala entrepreneurship development programme

                            An amount of 70 crore has been set apart for the commencement of this project.This project will create employment opportunities for about 20,000 people in Kerala. This scheme provides assistance for starting individual or group ventures. For this , the interest rate will be lower. Assistance will be given to agricultural and non agricultural Enterprises . The assistance is Rs 1,00,000 for individual ventures and up to Rs 5, 00,000 for group Ventures. This amount is available as loan assistance .

4.Arise scheme 

                This scheme is designed for those who lost their livelihood during the floods of 2018-19. The purpose is to raise expertise in the

ten  areas of employment in our country by providing expert training. The training is being given to ten thousands of young people .It  also gives training to kudumbasree members.

5. Micro entrepreneurship development programme

             Ten thousands of people are receiving assistance from this scheme . It provides special assistance to those in kudumbasree and their families for starting individual or group of ventures.  They give 2 ½ lakh for individual enterprises and up to Rs 10 lakh for group enterprises. Licence are issued for 3000 individual Enterprises and 2000 group ventures. 

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