Assistance of Rs 1,000 to farmers 

      There are a lot of people in our society who have  subsistence.The state government has announced the various incentives to support them. Some of that  money was sent directly to the beneficiaries account. For the agricultural labourers,the state government has already decided to send Rs 1000 to their account . The fact is that the most people cannot afford to apply. Most farmers are unable to submit their applications directly 

      During this lockdown, Akshaya centres or janaseva centres was closed and there was no opportunity for farmers to apply directly.  That is why the current opportunity is being offered again .we can now apply. Benefits also reach the farmers account very quickly. For lockdown, it was a situation were farmers could not go to anywhere and work. Most people were are unable to go to the farm together. The state government has decided to give Rs 1000 to farmers. Those who are members of the agricultural workers Welfare fund will get the benefit. After applying for the present two or three small documents ,the amount will be transferred to the beneficiaries account very soon. At present, it is possible to apply directly to the agricultural workers Welfare fund office.

      It was difficult for farmers to reach there directly. Application is again invited through the agricultural labor website. With all of the online  hubs now functioning ,you can apply with relevant documents through Akshaya or janaseva centres. This benefit should not be denied even to an eligible beneficiary .


  • Aadhar copy 
  • Bank account front page copy
  • Copy of front page of Agricultural workers Welfare fund .
  • A copy of the proof to show that the gratitude was paid.
  •  If your name is different from the agricultural workers application and your name is different in other documents, you need to upload one and same certificate.

 All farmers who apply will get this benefit . Please share this information to others.

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