Apply again for Central assistance of Rs 6,000

                 Many people are getting help from the central government through the PM Kisan Samman fund. There are currently eligible beneficiaries and there are also beneficiaries waiting to apply . The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, a program launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,Rs 6000 per annually paid to  farmers. This scheme is for small and marginal farmers. The land its means farmers can apply for less than 5 acres and upto 5 cents. So for the people who pay the land to the farm, this is the best news.

        More ever, the Kisan Samman Nidhi will be distributed to beneficiaries in 3 installments per year. It will be delivered every 4 months .In 3 installments of Rs 2,000, the farmer receives RS 6,000 a year. This is non refundable amount. Currently two installments of 2020 have been completed So far. So for the farmers, who are getting it, they don’t have any special updates.They do not need to be renewed. And another group of peoples are after receiving 3 installments and then not getting.

      Those who have to know why they didn’t get ,status checking system had been introduced. With Aadhaar number/ mobile number/bank account details, you can check the latest status of PM Kisan Nidhi . In accuracies, in the bank account are the only ones that cannot be solved. As far as  these people are concerned, find out if we can make any moves with the nearest Krishi Bhavan or if there is an option to cancel an existing application. We can apply for a new one . 

       Another problem is the mismatching between the name of our Aadhar Card  and the name entered on the application . The editing is available in the Kisan Samman Nidhi’s official website . We can do this editing through Akshaya centre/ janaseva centres. Government employees cannot apply for this scheme. Whether it is the centre or the state . Similarly government pensioners cannot apply for this scheme. But people who receive social security and welfare pensions can apply for this scheme. 

     Due to errors in the IFSC codes of banks, for people who have not received the amount in the account, it is now being solved . The latest news is that, getting paid including missed installments also. Mistakes that come in bank account numbers are difficult to solve for us. For those who wish to apply at present, online application can be facilitated through janaseva centres, which receive the most support and application of all the terms of the central government. 

       After submitting the online application , please reach the concerned Krishi Bhavan with the documents and validate those documents. After that you will get the installments of the Kisan Samman Nidhi. One person from a family is eligible to apply Kisan Samman Nidhi. When submitting the application ,we should keep in our hands a copy of the receipt of a previous years tax, a copy of the ration card , copy of Aadhar card, copy of bank account details ,is essential.

     Those who have own farm land and who are now on cultivate the lease are eligible to apply for this Kisan Nidhi scheme. We have to submit the relevant documents. Then we can make our own online application through farmers corner. But for the sake of clarity, there is only a nominal fee at the janaseva centres, so you can go there and submit your online application. They may know the related updates  first and foremost . Make sure you understand these things. The continued benefits of the central government will be available to us in the years to come. For those who have not yet tried this benefits, contact Krishi Bhavan.

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