Applications can now be submitted for the PM’s Ujjwal Yojana gas connection

         At present, there is the situation in our state where the covid-19 is spreading like Wildfire. The central government and the state government have given us a lot of benefits during the time of  covid-19. The central government is likely to allow another financial pack.

                 A number of schemes are now going to be announced which will transfer the money directly to the account of the common man. It may also include free food distribution.

             There is a scheme called Ujjwala Yojana by the central government. This scheme also provided free gas subsidy. The free gas cylinder was provided through this scheme for three months. This was a  great help to the common people. It is possible to become a member of any agency.

        We can still apply for the Ujjwala Yojana scheme. More than 8 crore people have  benefited under the Ujjwal Yojana scheme. We can apply at our nearest agencies.

         This benefit is available to BPL or  AAY cardholders only. Free gas connection and subsidy will also be available to the accounts. This benefit is available to those who have not taken other cooking gas connections. This benefit is available to women with BPL AAY cards.

               Download and  fill out the application and then submit  it to the nearest agency as its documents. Visit the Prime Minister’s Ujjwal Yojana website for more information on this scheme.

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