An important instructions from KSEB 

  1.         Today I want to share with you the latest information about KSEB. This is the time of power crisis and power outages. This is the time when everyone is shocked by the bill. It is essential that you pay attention to the information provided by KSEB. There are various types of power outages in our state right now. There have been many deaths in our state in the year 2019-20 due to power outages. Therefor we need to be alerted to the current situation.

        Now we are sharing with you a few suggestions that have been released. In keeping with the national electricity safety week, the KSEB has issued  proposal for the safety of the general public in a specific manner.

  •  Do not use metal ladders and iron ladders near power lines. This is because the power can flow through them .
  • Do not planted trees below power lines.
  • Before cutting any trees or branches near the power lines, the branches can be cut off only in the presence of the concerned officials .
  • Such information shall be reported to the respective section officer.
  •  In the iron fence around the farm, direct electricity should not be used.  If such matters are noticed, strict legal action will be taken. You can report these things in secret to KSEB offices.
  •  All wiring should be installed with a quality earth leakage circuit breaker / RCCB.
  • It is the time of strong winds and rain. Therefor power lines are more likely to break down. If you see the power line break down, call this number 9496010101 .
  • All wiring works shall be done only by the licenced the electrical contractor. 
  • For electricity related complaints, you can call 1912. 
  • Everyone should follow such legal procedures KSEB  has informed that the action will be taken if it is not followed.
  •  If you notice a power leak or power left ,you can give a complaint to  the nearest KSEB section office. Please share this information to others.

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