An important disease that should be take care of by those who have domestic dogs,canine distemper 


     Today I would like to introduce a disease that is being spread to domestic dogs. Domestic dogs are otherwise known as canis lupus familiaris. Domestic dogs include several hundred breeds of dog in the world. These dogs are very drastic in appearance. Mainly domestic dogs are trained by humans.Now it is mostly seen in Kerala.we all love puppies. So please take care of them. 

     Bulldog, Beagle, Newfoundland, Irish setter , pug, Golden Retriever are the main domestic dogs. Domestic dogs are kept as a companion or for assistance and under the control of a human and it does not include any type of farm animal. Cute dogs like samoyeds come in an array of sizes and personalities.

     Today we introduce you to a deadly disease that comes in pet dogs. You can recognise symptoms of diseases and provide necessary treatment for your dog. Tapeworm hookworm aranis roundworm capnocytophaga are the main diseases of pet dogs.     

      The dogs have bad breath, excessive drinking or excessive urination, drooling ,appetite change associated with the weight loss , change in activity level ,stiffness ,difficulty in rising are the main signs of the diseases. The Most important cause of death in dogs are cancer and kidney diseases.

      Today we can see another disease called canine distemper. It is a highly contagious virus. It is seen in dogs around the world. It selects respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems of the dog. It is spread through direct contact like a common cold in humans.

       The main symptoms of canine  distemper is watery to pus like discharge from their eyes, fever ,nasal discharge, coughing, weakness and vomiting. It is commonly affected from contact with the infected urine,blood, saliva or droplets. It can’t spread to humans. So give  the vaccinations  accurately. 

     It is mainly caused by direct contact, mother to child .Avoid outdoor walking.Avoid unnecessary  visits of hospitals. 

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