An easy way to speak English 

         We want to tell you how to learn English during this covid-19 period. Learning English is a Passion of many people. This is a time when we have a lot of free time to make our lives better . We have a lot of time now for personal development and for business development . We usually have a busy schedule. Nature has given in a chance. We have the opportunity to take  breaks, rethink and reflect. There is a time to do the course correction, knowing that the way I am going and what I am going is right. Of course , the only important question is whether we use it.

            We want to tell you when learning a language ,what we should take care. Here is what you need to know to grow your personal life. You can learn a variety of languages, if you want .Spanish ,Arabic,German,English etc. In order to learn a extra language, few preparations are needed.

          You have a chance to study English today . We will tell you one or  two tips .

  • If you want to learn english, never learn grammar base. Once we have learned that ,we can think of grammar in our brain . Then we will be thinking of the rules that we will tell in grammar and speak English. 
  • On the contrary ,if what do you need to do is just listen and try to learn. The more we reach our brain and  like wise we can say back.
  •  For 1400 hours, after hearing a language, the person can speak that  language fluently .So listen more.
  •  Try to learn how to be creative with the activities that you are passionate.
  • Avoid  the boring method. Try to learn through singing, playing and activities.
  • One by one try to learn by practising.
  • Speak to yourself in English.
  • We  are one day talking to our self the most . Try to make it as english as possible. 
  • Make sure you don’t Store on the brain every single word. If you store it, it won’t have any flow when you speak.
  • Try to read and study sentences as a whole.

Here are  about 10 English trainers. Trainers  are ready to train you. If you are interested, please contact the following number 

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        It  will connect to the required trainers. Hope this lockdown can develop your language and develop your business.

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