Aluva smokeless stoves – Benefits

       Now Modular Kitchens concepts are increased . We can buy well designed and functional modular kitchens.These are comfortable,affordable as well as beautiful. These are smokeless stoves. It has 3 times higher fuel efficiency  than a traditional  wood burning reduces indoor pollutants and allows improved cleanliness within  the kitchen. It is an integral part of a traditional kitchen where firewood is used as the cooking fuel. 

         Home builders are mostly preferred to use smokeless ovens. Because it is built using granite slabs and it has optimally spaced cooking pits. It is thermodynamically designed with air holes. It provides adequate  oxygen to burning firewood. It consumes less fuel than normal hearths. There is no need to construct a large chimney,the smoke is transferred to a vent pipe that expels it outside. middle hearth doesn’t need additional fuel.increased health benefits, there is no smoke inhalation. Smokeless hearths are mainly two types. They are Aluva adupp, and parishad adupp. 

        Most of the rural and some urban families depended mainly on firewood for cooking. Traditional three stone hearth was the normal cooking mechanism. In this cooking pot is kept above three stones and firewood burned in the hollow space at the bottom. The person who attends to this takes a lot of strain to burn the firewood and help boiling the contents in the pot. In this process, 10 % of the temperature generated by burning  of firewood  was used for cooking .The smoke emitted was giving a lot of trouble. So the workers attempt to lead the improvement of the hearth. 

        The hearth was designed so that the smoke never spreads in the kitchen. Complete smoke went out through an attached vent pipe.New modified hearth helped improve the efficiency, reduced health problems of the user and cut the consumption of firewood.

        We can see how to get aluva stoves at low cost. We can see the different  models of aluva stoves. experience is very important. Basically  we should  know  the height 20 inch from floor level to the stove. Totally it needs  34 inch height  from floor level. It’s length is 48 inch and breadth is 95 cm .

        It is 95 % expel the smoke.chimney is required for this type of stoves. 2 mm thickness steel is used to cover the stove. We can block between the stoves. 4 hour is needed to make this type of stove. It has 3 different  varieties of stoves. They are castern,steel ,and different  thickened steel stoves. We can reduce the size of stoves. 

       Smoke pipe is connected to the stove exterior. We should clean this pipe monthly. Different  types of stoves are available  in kerala store, manjeri. Castern stoves are slowly cool and no rust. 7,8,9 are normal size  of the stoves.It has Rs 5900 with tiles .Granite stove is best . It is natural and strong.  Steel stoves started at Rs 6200.Large size are also available.  We can see a stove with wheels. We can change the stove. It is not the smoke less. New trended stoves with grills are available here. It has Rs 20,000.

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