All women Jan Dhan account holders to get Rs 500/ month for next 3 months 

          The women in  Jan Dhan account benefit announced by finance minister Nirmala sitharaman to mitigate hardships of the poor due to covid-19 lockdown.

Pradhanmantri Garib Kalyan Yojana for next 3 months,  which will cover 80 crores. It helps all those needy people whose livelihood has been hit hard due Covid 19 virus lockdown.

           The finance minister made a number of announcements. The jan Dhan Yojana scheme was launched in August 2014 account to reports by the ministry of finance,  around 4 crore bank accounts have been opened under the scheme till September 2014. This scheme aims at providing access to financial services, in an affordable manner. Under this  scheme, women will get gas cylinder free for the next 3 months.

           Pradhanmantri Jan  Dhan Yojana is a financial programme  of Government of India opened to Indian citizen,  aims to expand and make affordable access to financial services such as bank account, insurance, pension. It can be opened in any bank branch. Account opened under PMJDY are being opened with zero balance. If the account holder wishes to get a cheque book they will have to fulfill minimum balance.


  • Insurance benefit

                 Account holder will get an accidental insurance coverage of Rs 1 lakh and life cover of Rs 30000 payment  on death of the beneficiary.

  • It is a zero balance account.
  • Eligible for interest on deposits.
  • Easy transfer of money across India. 
  • Loan benefits

                      Account holders can avail an overdraft facility up to 5000. The quantum of loan may  look small, but definitely below the poverty line unable to reinvest this in more profitable avenues.After 6 months it will be permitted. 

  • Access to  pension and insurance.
  • The claim under personal accidental insurance under PMJDY  shall be payable, if rupay card holder have performed minimum one successful customer induced transaction  at any bank within 90 days prior to date of accident. 
  • The account holders  under this scheme will be given a rupay debit card which can be used across all ATMs for cash withdrawal.

 RBI has clarified in the year 2014, that those persons who do not have any of the officially valid documents can open small accounts with banks on the basis of self attested photo and thumbprint  in the presence of officials of banks. Such account, the aggregate credits have been limited to not more than 1 lakh a year. Withdrawal have been limited do not more than Rs 10,000 in a month. Balance in the account should not cross RS 50,000. The validity of this account is 1 year. If allowed to continue for a further period if the account holder provides a document showing they have applied for any valid document with in 12 months.

  •  Mobile banking facility

           Enabling carrying out transactions through mobile phones. Checking of balance and transferring funds with ease across India. 

  • It allows direct benefit transfer for beneficiaries of government schemes.
  • They  can get easy access to pension and other insurance products with PMJDYscheme.


  • Be a citizen of India. 
  • Age 10 years and above( add administrator for 10 -18 years)
  • Get rupee card to minor also.
  • we can transfer other account to jan dhan account and linked savings account to this account.

 How to join

  •  It available in  all banks.
  • Now you can’t open this  bank account to get Rs 500 because banks have  restrictions.
  •  To the account of women who have a current  jan dhan account, credit Rs 500 for the account for  next 3 months.

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