All ration card holders get three types of rices

            All ration card holders in the priority category will get  three varieties of rices this month. Depending on your card try to buy the prescribed rice. Similarly for those who have not received the free kit , it will begin on may 8. AY,yellow card holders and pink card holders belonging to BPL card holders ,the priority category will continue to receive  5 kg of rice /person for free during may – June . You can also buy the usual ration along with it. Similarly the government has decided to give 10 kg of rice at Rs 15 per kg to blue and white card holders of the non priority category ,APL.

        As part of this ,the government has decided to provide 3  types of rices. Then in the state, for ration card holders get this month there are three types of rices. The new decision of the after civil supplies department is  to be given as raw rice,mattayari, parboiled rice. Priority pink card holders will receive 4 kg of rice at Rs 2 per kg for each member of the card . It is given as 2kg of parboiled rice,1 1/2 kg of  raw rice and ½ of mattayari respectively.

        For each member of the  non priority category,the blue cards get  2 kg of rice at Rs 4 per kg . Distribute it like ½  kg mattayari ,½ kg raw rice, 1kg of parboiled rice. Similarly for non priority white cards,total 2 kg of rice will be distributed at Rs.10.90. Distributed it like ½ kg mattayari,½ kg raw rice, 1kg of parboiled rice . Similarly for blue and white card holders 10 kg of rice this month an additional at Rs 15 is also offered.7 kg of parboiled rice and 3 kg of raw rice will be distributed. With 10 kg of rice, you will not get mattayari.

      AAY  card holders( yellow card holders) now in the priority category will be given 30 kg of rice and 5 kg of wheat for free. Even for families who receive 2 kg of rice, weighing ½  kg each can be very difficult for cardholders and creditors. Last month ,15 kg of rice was issued to those who did not have a ration card, after receiving the affidavits and aadhar number of all the numbers .

              According to the report, about 30,000  families were distributed rice.However according to the decision,from the civil supply office,this time onwards,those who do not have ration card, receiving affidavit and the supply of rice is stopped. Kit may be issued free of charge to blue card holders of the non priority subsidy category from may  8 . Distribution will be based on the last digit of the card.

 last digit  of the card     Date

              0                        may 8

              1                        may 9

              2,3                     may 11

              4,5                     may 12

              6,7                     may 13

              8,9                     may 14

 from May 15, the  kit will be distributed to the non subsidised white card holders.

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