All kitchen products  at low price


Kitchen is a very important  part of a house. Kitchen tools help to keep the kitchen clean. It will help create a unique  sense of style and ease when cooking. You need to use the right tools for the right work. It helps to maintain  operating safely. To help us cook easier and better. Maintaining kitchen equipment properly can save you .Proper cooking is very important. Right utensils help to cook with confidence. 

       We can see a place where we get kitchen tools at low prices. We will get quality  products  at wholesale  price. It is in Glazo gift shop, edayarpalayam pirivu, kuniamuthur, coimbatore. We can buy all kitchen items from here. Steel items, aluminum  items,cooker items,are available here. We can buy 2 liter to 50 liter steel biryani pots. These are  mat finishing pots. These are heavy.   2 litres has Rs 1560. 3 liter has Rs 2900, 3 liter has Rs 3900,12 liter has Rs 4800. We can cook 3kg rice in a 12 liter pot. 

      We can get a combo pack of  4 pieces from here. 2 steel  tea pots, 2 biriyani pots are included. It has Rs 4000.we will get marble finishing pots. It does not need oil for cooking. We will get 6 pieces at Rs 5500. All are branded items. 

      We will get kadai 6 liter at Rs 2500,9 liter at Rs 2900,21 liter at Rs 3700.we will get orange pot at Rs 690.we will get ceramic coating  pot at 5500. It includes 6 pieces. We will get glassware items. 

       We can buy ceramic plates at Rs 140. The price of tea tea tray is Rs 90. a 3 piece of tea tray set has Rs 450. We will get a variety of models from here.  Small bowls are also available.  Curry bowls cost Rs 140. Juice mugs cost Rs 110. 

     We can buy gift items from here. It has Rs 350. We can buy all items at wholesale  rates. We will get quality products from here.ceramic oil can also be available. 

       Kitchen clothes are  at Rs 110. Pipe rotator also available.  We can buy a large knife at Rs 250.childrens wardrobes are also available.  It is a safety quality box .It has Rs 7000. All items have low rates.  1kg has   Rs 550. All Steel items are available.  Steel snack box has Rs 550. 5 liter Cooker has Rs 1500. These all are steel cookers.  They will send all materials  by courier. Small weighing machines cost Rs 450. Kitchen scales, molds, measuring  cups,cake pans available.  

       Blender has Rs is works by current.  Hand blender has Rs 190. Kitchen stands  have Rs 130. Step racks have Rs 390. Folding rack has Rs 490.BBQ grill has Rs 250. Sticker stand is Rs 590. Table mats are also available  here. Iron products are available. Iron cookware parts cost Rs 1500.

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