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      Home appliances are domestic and electric appliances are machines which assist in household functions. Mainly home appliances are divided into three types. Small,major and consumer electronics.  Major appliances are white goods and consumer electronics are brown goods.These appliances are categorised based on maintenance and repair of these products. Brown goods require high technical knowledge to repair, white goods may need more practical skills.

      Home appliances are devices that are in your home and which are used for jobs. Washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators,kettles, sewing machines are important home appliances. Major appliances or white goods are air conditioners, dishwashers, washers,clothes dryers,drying cabinets,freezers, refrigerators, water heaters,kitchen stoves,washing machines, microwave ovens,induction cookers.small appliances are small household electrical machines.  It is very useful  and easily carried and installed. Juicers,electric mixers,coffee grinders,deep fryers,herb grinders, electric kettles,coffee makers,blenders, rice cookers, toasters,etc.

      Consumer electronics are electronic equipment intended for everyday use.we can use these electronic devices for communication,recreation, and entertainment. Differences between home appliances are available in the market. Home appliances have a major role in our life. It makes our life more convenient. We can use home appliances for various day to day functions like cooking, cleaning, exercising, purifying, food preservation, etc.Refrigerator is the most important item in your home. 

     Home appliances are utilized for duff daily tasks .The technical trend and improvement made the house equipment easier to operate and made home routines .Modern home appliances are energy efficient, environment friendly, long lasting  products. It saves a lot of helps to reduce energy costs.quick and easy machines will help in the daily routine work.Home appliances are a long time investment. 

      We can see a place where we get home appliances at low prices. Variety of home appliances are here. It is in Nandilath G mart.lissy junction, ernakulam. All showrooms of Nandilath G mart provide this offer. They provide onam special offers to all products. 

Different home appliances 


      They provide 32 inch HD Television starts at Rs 6990.Smart Television has Rs 7890.Televisions gas 1 year warranty. Television at Rs 17 lakhs are available should select smart Televisions. You can consume content through it. Upto 75 inch Televisions are available. All brands are available. LG,Sony, Samsung, Panasonic,heir,etc available. Most people select smart televisions.You can purchase it through  credit cards.

       And you will get cash back offers wise offers are available. 17 lakh Television is Samsung products. It has 8k resolution. It has high pixels. It has a 40% discount.  All brands have discounts. LG 55 inch latest technology QNED has Rs 1,19, will get 25% discount. Sony 65 inch latest technology, 3 year warranty  available.  It has a 25% TV 65 inch,has Rs 2,25, has 5 year complete warranty. 


     You will get a 44% discount on the refrigerators. You can purchase refrigerators at Rs 9990. Kelvinator refrigerators  available at Rs  16990. It has a 53% has 1 year complete warranty and 10 year compressor warranty. It is a double door fridge.All premium category refrigerators are available here. Refrigerators are available upto Rs 2.5 lakhs.premium category refrigerators have 25% discount. It has Rs 1,88, has low freezer facilities. You can convert it to normal.Smart refrigerators are available can watch TV through fridges. 

       You can open YouTube to it. You can control  it through voice commands. It has Rs 2,39, has 25% discount. Differebeands are available.  3 door refrigerators are available here.All finances are available here.bajaj, HDFC,Kotak,finances available.  You will get additional cash back also. All brands have different features. Knock and open door refrigerators available. Kelvinator has separate categories. Haier refrigerators have Rs 88, has a 40% discount. Kelvinator refrigerators cost Rs 39,990. It has a 47% discount. 

Air conditioners 

      Variety of air conditioners are available . 110 air conditioners  have a 39% to 50 %  discount. Godrej 110  inverter ac available at Rs 39% discount.  It is available at Rs 24,990. It has a 5 year warranty and a 10 year compressor warranty. All brands are available. Smart air conditioners are available.  You can control it through mobile. Wind free air conditioners are available. We can change it into wind mode. It is the latest technology of Samsung.cooling spread . Dual inverter ac available. It is an LG brand has Rs can convert it into 45.

Washing machines 

      It is available at a 49% discount. Kelvinator front load washing machines are available at Rs 17990. IFB, BOSCH,LG,Haier ,Samsung, Panasonic 6kg to 12kg models are available. IFB fully automatic top load available.steam wash technology available. Front load full dryer washing machine has Rs 57800. Branded Semi automatic washing machines are available.

Chimney hob 

     All brands are available. Faber brand chimney hob has Rs 30 % discount. Sensor chimney hobs are available. 

Microwave ovens

      LG microwave ovens are available. All brands are available. It has a 20% discount. New Charcoal facilities are available.variety designs are available.All technology of ovens are available. It starts at Rs 4990 to Rs 30,000.

G mobile division 

 All smart mobiles, accessories are available here.


All showrooms of Nandilath G mart will get these offers.They provide 1 crore consumer offers. They provide 10 TATA punch cars,50 LED TVs,50 Refrigerators, 50 washing machines, 50 microwave ovens,and 50 smart watches. They provide upto 60 % discount. It is available till January 2023.

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