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      All materials that are used for home building are known as building materials. Quality of the materials determine the strength and longevity of the building. Building materials are different in sizes, grades and brands. The construction industry uses a variety of building materials. Electrical, plumbing , sanitary  wood, furniture, tiles, Steel materials ,and painting are very important for the construction of a house. You can buy quality electrical materials at an affordable price. 

        You can buy electrical materials from electrical liquidators. They offer the best available prices in the market. The cost is lower than prevailing market rates.Electrical materials are the part of our life.Electric materials are essential parts used in a construction to connect your home .it can vary from small house circuits. You can purchase electrical items at a low price.

     Plumbing materials are very important materials in a house. The types of material that have been used for plumbing has changed. Every type of material from wood to iron has been tried in the plumbing industry. You should select the right plumbing material for your home. Strong plumbing materials last for decades with minimal maintenance. You should buy pipes that sustain daily use and prevent the leak ,sustain high levels of water pressure.The best sign of good plumbing is seen in the repair bill. It lasted for several decades with no maintenance.

     Sanitary wares are the most important part of bathrooms. You should select quality sanitarywares because a good design with excellent fittings begins with the well throughout concept. Baths are a part of our daily life. Bathroom design and fittings should be a joy and asset to you. Sanitary wares are the most important features of a bathroom. It requires thorough attention while planning. You can select decorative sanitarywares include wash basin with pedestal, ceramic water closets,pans ,bathtubs ,cabinets, etc

     Wood has been used in construction for thousands of years. It is an important material for building your house. HardWoods are commonly used in the construction of walls, floors, ceilings. Softwoods are used to make doors, furniture ,Windows etc.most of the people prefer quality materials for the construction of a house. But quality materials are already expensive. Flooring is another expensive thing. Furniture is also expensive. 

    We can see a place where we get all these items at a low price.It is in the Build hub, Thonnakkal, Thiruvananthapuram .It is a home construction material mall.You can buy all these materials at 50% discount. Every home furnishing item is available. Electrical app,paint,plumbing materials, sanitarywares, fan,AC,furniture, tiles are available here at affordable prices. 

    RRR wires have high demand in the market.  You can buy these wires at 50% price from here.All anchor switches have Rs 20.Quality branded fans are available at Rs can buy different models of drilling machine at 50% discount. Berger Paints are available at 40% discount. High tech variety tiles are available here.most of these items are imported. Mica boards can be used instead of original tiles.Multi wood utensils are available. You can buy branded washbasins,closets at low prices. Marble tiles are also available here.

     Large collections of various lights are available can use these lights for exterior and interior purposes. Huge collection of large home appliances are also available here. Branded televisions, refrigerators, washing machines are available at affordable prices. Sofa,chairs, couch,dining tables are available at low prices.  Branded sofas are available at Rs 16,000.

    It is the largest mall containing home construction materials, furniture,etc.All Branded electrical  items are here.GM,Legrand, anchor, Havells,switches are available. RR cable,Hawells wires are here. wires have a 40 to 50% discount. Switches also 50% discount. Anchor Black switches  are available at Rs 20. 

     All types of fans are available here. Wall fan, ceiling fan, pedestal fan are available. Motor pumps have Rs 2600.Hawells design  fans  have Rs 3600.All types of power tools are here. Makita,Dewalt,Stanley international branded  power tools are here.It has a 40 to 50 % discount. Branded handle  grinders ,drillers,cutters are available at an affordable price. They also provide  warranty also. Tiles with marble cutters are also here.

     Variety branded emulsion paints are available here.Berger,Asian, indigo,dulux paints are available here.It has a 40% discount. All colors are available. Enamels ,mat are available. They provide projects like warehouses,roof shingles, container restaurants, badminton courts,turf, etc.Turf grasses are here.

     They provide Steel, wooden fabrication also. Puff sheets are also here. Puff sheets are used to reduce  the heat in the roofing sheets.Readymade door frames, window frames are also available. Teak,eety,anjali,woods are available here, windows and doors are here.Door frames are available at Rs 3600.Roofing high tech tiles are here. Wooden doors are here.Tile model roofing sheets are available. Singles are also available here.

      Tiles like  Mica boards are here. Multiwood wash basins are here. It has 100% warranty. Black shade closets are here.cera,hindware,prayag branded  sanitarywares are here.plywoods, multi wood,veneer mica and hardwares are here. All interior  items are here. Action Tessa MDF,HDF premium boards are here.All types of floor panels are here. These are waterproof materials. 

     Mica boards are available here. These are glossy, mat, marble finishing materials. Various designs are here.All types of plywood boards are here. Branded locks are available. Different types of  hanging lights,outdoor, indoor lights,commercial items are starts from Rs 120 to Rs 2 lakhs. All items are here.

      Wall lights start from Rs 350.outdoor lights start from Rs 350.There is a franchisee of whitemart. All home appliances are here. 32 inch LED TV starts at Rs 10,000. 50 inch starts at Rs 28,000.AC 110 3 star starts at Rs 27, will get a blanket with it. Full automatic washing machine starts at Rs 15000.Different models are available here. Refrigerators start at Rs 12,000.

      Different types of furniture are here.Premium ,economy materials are here. Sofas start at Rs 15,999.Artificial marble dining table available. Different designs are available. You can select color and quality .All items are here.Teak coin designed dining tables are here. Glass type dining tables are here.MDF 4 door almirah has Rs 35,000.Mattress are available at Rs 4999.Kitchen nano chair dining tables are available at Rs 8500. 5 to 40% discount available for materials .Teak, Akasia, mahogany dining tables are here.Wooden cot is available at affordable price. 

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