Ajmera Fashion Dress Price List – Gujarat Surat

Clothes are items worn on the body.clothing is made of fabrics. It has included garments made from animal skin,thin sheets of materials,and natural products found in our environment. The type of clothing depends on body type,gender, social factors, etc.clothing can insulate hot and cold conditions. It is a hygienic barrier. It helps to keep infectious materials away from the body.It provides protection from ultraviolet radiation. Clothing is used for protection against injury. Wearing clothes is a variety of social norm.
Clothing has been made from a wide variety of materials.

Textiles include different types of clothes. It has fiber base materials like fibers,yarns,threads and filaments.weaving,knitting, non woven are manufacturing methods. Consumer Textiles and Technical textile are in the market. In consumer textile,aesthetic and comfort are the most important factor, but in technical textile functional properties are the priority.

Cloth trade has great demand in the market. Different types of boutiques are much higher than before in our places. Many types of textiles are found in our places. But it is very difficult to find quality cheap dresses that we like. All good dresses cost high rates. If you can find a good wholesale shop and buy the selected fabrics from there at a low price. You can start a business with these materials. You can start this type of business without more risk.

This is an introduction to a shop that offers good quality fabrics wholesale.Surat is the silk city of India. All the modern clothes are available in good quality. It is an Ajmera fashion shop.It is the greatest dealer in surat. Here we can see a large collection of materials like men’s wear,ladies wear and kids collection. You can purchase all the fabrics from here at very affordable rates and you can start a business.

There are more than 1000 models of Kurtis available. Kurtis start at Rs 55.Various kinds of fabrics like cotton,rayon,muslin,khadi,georgette materials are available here.Large,medium, XL,XXL,XXXL,XXXXL sizes are available. Daily wear,Fancy wear kurtis are available. Different types of kurtis are available here.

All models are available in different colors. Printed,embroidery, fancy type Kurtis are available. There is a catalogue in one bag.You should purchase a 50 kg bundle of clothes that includes all types of fabrics.kurtis starts at Rs 55.light and dark colors are available.

How to start a business with these materials

You can start a business by talking to the salesperson of this shop.you can contact them through online platforms like what’s appropriate or Instagram. Do not need to go to the shop directly. It is a wholesale fabric store. It is located in surat.The name of this shop is Ajmera fashion. Address of this shop and contact numbers are given below.you can purchase from all materials.

Details about Ajmera fashion materials

They provide different types of clothes at wholesale rates.They manufacture sarees also. Different kinds of saree materials like cotton, georgette, chiffon are available here.you can purchase saree materials at affordable rates.printed sarees are available. All materials are high quality and affordable prices.Net type partyware items available. Set wise churidar available.one size in a bag .5,8,10 pieces are in one bag.leggins ,palazzo,shorts starts at Rs 55.There is a separate bottom department.

List of materials available in the Ajmera fashion shop

Designer Kurtis
Ethnic wear
Designer suits
Cotton suits
Cotton sarees
Cotton shirts
Cotton dress materials
Bridal sarees
Banarasi sarees
Fancy sarees
Casual sarees
Casual Kurtis
Western dress
Kids wears
Umbrella kurtis
Printed kurtis
Embroidery kurtis

Price list of materials available in the Ajmera fashion shops

The price list of ajmera fashion shop materials are given below.For the exact price, you can visit the official website of ajmera fashion shop. Contact number of Ajmera fashion shop is given below.you can take a shot and send it to the number. You will get the number. You can contact directly.


More than 1000 varieties
Starts at Rs 55
Different colors,sizes available

Details about Ajmera fashion

Ajmera fashion is the best textile shop in India. They offer different range of materials to suit your needs.They manufacture high quality affordable design clothes.It is the fastest growing textile company in India. If you order the product, you will get products within 7 -8 working days.They deliver the product through transport courier services.you can track the delivery of your order.Advance type payments are preferred. They have 22 counters.

Ajmera fashion is the manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of Banarasi sarees,bridal sarees,Casual sarees,cotton sarees,etc.They provide unique support to the new entrepreneurs. You can buy top quality sarees at wholesale prices .You will get the latest catalogs from here.26 to 50 peoples are working here.The annual turnover of this company is Rs 50 lakhs,Bridal,cotton, art silk ,pure silk,printed sarees are available here.

Address and contact number of Ajmera fashion

D-5491,3rd floor,Lift number:15
Raghukul textile market
Ring road
India 395002


Email :- ajmerafashion@gmail.com


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