Again mustering for disburse  pension amount

                This is a good news for a few people currently in the time of covid 19. The amount of money that is paid to the general social security and welfare pensions and to  those who have completed mastering of Rs 8500. At present,there are people who are unable to complete the mustering due to various reasons . There are those who have failed mustering or  for people who are currently failing mustering they failed for a variety of reasons . The details of the same shall be made available to the secretary of the concerned local self government institution who shall be able to produce the life certificate through.

         The  failing mustering manual mode with special permission. There are a lot of people who can’t even do this process. Currently above 5 percentage of beneficiaries who are not eligible to receive a social welfare pension have been identified after the current system of mustering .Similarly our state government has excluded about 21 lakh people.

       In the meantime, a huge amount of money was paid to the state government with the implementation of this scheme. More eligible beneficiaries will be able to avail themselves of benefits as well as expel those who are receiving unnecessary benefits .The mustering process is scheduled for a week or two week after this lock down, there is no problem with the beneficiaries currently receiving it. 

      This is a system for mustering for those who have not yet been able to perform mustering / have failed mastering / have newly applied peoples with Akshaya, you can do mustering for free. When will restart mustering, you will be notified including the date. The additional chief secretary of the finance department has issued and order under the present circumstances to find more deserving beneficiaries and give them all benefits. The date has been extended to cover a wide variety of situations for mustering all currently eligible pensioners. Most recently ,until  February 15 . This is a gold opportunity for people who have not mustered and failed until then.

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