Advantages of Smokeless wooden stove

Woodstove is a cooking appliance capable of burning wood fuel and wood derived biomass fuel such as saw dust etc. It has a solid metal like cast iron or steel,closed fire box, lined by fire brick,one or more air controls. First wood burning stove was patented in 1557. The stove connected by ventilating stove pipe to a suitable flue. It will fill with the hot combustion gases. The flu gas must be hotter than outside temperature. It helps to ensure combustion gases are drawn out of the fire chamber. Wood Stove Technology has been developed to heat homes. A Wood burning stove provides an effective heat source for a home. These stoves are made from cast iron, soapstone and steel. It can produce up to 70000 BTU. Wood burning stoves come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Wood stoves help to cook food almost anywhere without hassle.we can see a wood stove to cook easily. It helps to reduce the 70% usage of gases.It is a magic stove. Different models of stoves are available in the market. Home based models, mini commercial, catering service models are available. It has higher heat than gas. It has a technology to convert wood to is smoke free. You can use wood and connect bloggers. It has a 12 w blog. You can use it in the current or battery.

You can use wood, bricket, pellet, coconut fiber and small woods.It has Rs 5000 commercial stoves also energy efficient. It is cost effective material. It is a new technology material.Do not need to use gas for cooking.cut and place the wooden pieces into the stove.These stoves are made with castern materials.It has long life warranty. Fan has a 1 year warranty.we can control the heat. You can use steel pots because it is a smokeless stove.Bricket has Rs 11. You can use it in this stove.

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