Advantages of Ceramic roof tiles

Roof tiles are normally used to maintain roofs. .concrete,metal and plastic are used for roof tiles.clay tiles have waterproof glaze.These tiles are hung from framework of roof by fixing with is usually hung in parallel rows,each row is overlapping the row .It cover nails that hold row below.Roof tiles are used to provide protective weather envelope to the sides of timber frame buildings.

You can choose finest quality Ceramic coated roofing can select a variety of roofing options suiting all budget ranges.Clay Roof tiles are oldest ,most proven method .Coat tiles are popular because of their availability. High quality fire clays, terracotta,and shales are used for making clay tiles. Clay tiles are otherwise known as Ceramic tiles.These roof tiles are veritable masterpieces of strength and elegance. It is an important product of high technology. It has functional and aesthetic, innovative trends.
These roofing tiles are manufactured using the same method of bricks.Roofing tiles are lighter and thinner.Roof tiles,especially are manufactured from clays burning at 1300°c after moulding .In this process coloring admixtures used.

Roofing tiles are highly durable. Ithas high abrasion resistance. It lasts many gives traditional look and natural has no color fading.These tiles,especially, are eco friendly. Because of space between each tile, the tile roof is better ventilated ,insulated,providing cooling into the house during summer and warming in the winter season.

Best roofing tiles are free from flaws and has accurate shape and size,it has uniform texture,high durability. It has less than 15% water absorption .Coat tiles are heavy like concrete and slate tiles clay roof tiles need substantial reinforcement to support extra weight.

Ceramic roof tiles are environmentally friendly has good fire resistance properties. It is perfectly fitted for harsh weather conditions. Ceramic tiles are varied from traditional clay contains white clay contents and manufactured under compression techniques. White clay provides superior reflectivity,long lasting, heat resistance,fire and weather resistance. Water repelled by coating. It is a perfect option for low slope roofs.

It is a roofing solution due to its sustainability credentials. It prevents algae or reduces external sound. It has good load bearing capacity. It is used as a design element. The roofing can be expensive. It needs very little maintenance. It will last a lifetime. These roofs are environmentally friendly.

We can see how to lay roof tiles effectively. Ceiling tile is 1×1 size. Double burnings are used and ceiling tile is laid under the ceramic roof tiles.concrete is a very good option. Truss provides a new can save money also.plain area has no leakage. If there is any leakage in corners,we can clear it easily. Ceramic tiles cost Rs 80.ceramic tiles don’t need maintenance.

You should buy white clay mix Ceramic gives painting warranty should study about the types,colors of Ceramic tiles.1000 Ceramic tiles needed for 1000 square has a locking system also.

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