Advantages of AAC wall panels

AAC wall panels help to build bigger size walls faster. It has good performance, cost effectiveness, time and effectiveness and project efficiency. lightweight material. It can be easily installed. It can be used as both external and internal Walls. AAC wall panels are concrete that has been manufactured to contain closed air pockets. It is an autoclaved aerated concrete material. It has one fifth weight of concrete. It is commonly used for cladding, load bearing etc. AAC panels and blocks are also available. AAC blocks can be used for load bearing structures up to three storeys. Itihaas medium thermal mass and good thermal insulation. You can easily work with it. But it can also be easily damaged. You can use specific Construction Techniques. You can use AAC wall panels external cotton with the vapor permeable water resistant finish.

AAC wall panels are lightweight and energy efficient material. It is produced by adding a forming agent to concrete in a mold ,wire cutting blocks from the resulting cake and cooking with the steam.then gas used to form the concrete during manufacture. Hydrogen formed from the reaction of aluminum paste with alkaline elements in the cement. AAC board panels are durable and lightweight. It does not burn. It is an excellent fire barrier and a good insulator. It requires careful placement. Skilled trade and good supervision are essential. The construction process produces little waste. The cost of AAC is moderate. AAC is light coloured material. Itihaas many small Bubbles that can be clearly seen. It has no direct path for water to pass through the material.

Its compressive strength is very good. AAC panels contain integral Steel reinforcement. It is to ensure structural adequacy during installation. It can also be used to make non load bearing concrete floors. Thermal performance depends on the climate. It contains concrete and air pockets. So it has a moderate overall level of thermal mass.It has good thermal insulation quality. If You Can Dance closed air packets so it can provide very good sound insulation. You should take care to avoid gaps and unfilled joints. You can use an insulated asymmetric cavity system to combine the AAC wall. It provides excellent sound insulation properties.

AAC wall panels are inorganic,incombustible material. It does not encourage insects. It is light weighted material. It can allow moisture to penetrate to a death. But it does not easily degrade structurally. It has aerated nature. It facilitates breathability. There are no toxic substances. It has environmental advantages. It is available in various sizes.

It is a light weighted manufactured building stone. It is used in a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial applications. It is easy to use, it can be cut and manipulated with the normal woodworking tools.

It is a cost effective material. It is pentacon AAC material. It doesn’t need sand, cement bricks, etc. We can fastly finish the work with these panels. It is available in 3 inches, 10 feet height, 2 feet width.It contains aluminum, AAC, can be fit easily. Combine two panels in a channel and lock it. We can increase the height structurally. It is a safety provides good finishing. You can apply putty directly or paint. It is a layered material.Fitting has Rs 140 to 170.panels has Rs 80 to 90/ sq.ft. It can be used in schools, offices, auditor, new houses,resorts,etc.

Advantages of AAC panels

It has high thermal insulation
Flexural strength
Sound absorption facility
Earthquake resistance property
Fire endurance up to 4 hours
It saves energy consumption
Eco friendly
Lightweight material
Easy workability and design flexibility
Faster construction with wall panels
Transporting is easier
Less expensive material
3 to 4 times lighter than others.
It can be used to build higher buildings.
The wall be painted directly after installation of the wall.
It reduces sound
It is frequently utilized in the construction of mortals Studios etc.
It has a sound barrier facility.
Pest resistance
It is made with inorganic elements
It resistant to mold, insect and pest
Long lasting material
The concrete foamed with the hydrogen, it gives exceptional heat insulation property.
It is waterproofed with the variety of proprietary finishes
It has water repellent qualities.
It can be successfully laid by skilled carpenters
It is a porous material.
Reusable material

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