Advantages and disadvantages of UPVC windows

UPVC Windows are unplasticized poly Vinyl chloride, a hard plastic material commonly used in Windows and doors. Itihaas pollution, moisture, corrosion and mold resistant features. Most of the properties are replacing traditional windows with the modern UPVC has high durability and security. It has high quality and cost effective properties. It provides great insulation from weather and pollution. It is first heated at high temperature and injected into a mold.Then cooling methods are applied to order heated substances into shape. Then cut and prepared to be assembled with other components. No additional chemicals are utilized. It retains the natural sturdiness of its material. Windows have a charming appearance. You will get premium quality at affordable costs. Many interior designers selected UPVC doors and windows.

It is commonly available in several types like sliding windows ,side hung, twin sash Windows,etc. These Windows are not available in an unlimited shape and style unlike wooden windows. These Windows are strongest and long lasting. It lasts for up to 50 years with little maintenance and without compromising functionality. It retains its original structure and remains under weather pressure. It is completely termite free material. It is synthetic and easy to clean.

It is low maintenance and cleaning easily and quickly ,you can clean it with a wet sponge. It has weatherproof features. It doesn’t need any varnishing, sanding or repainting. Toughest stain of these windows can be removed by scrubbing with no damage. It has high insulation values that prevent heat increase and keep the indoor temperature at optimal. It is made from recyclable material that doesn’t harm the environment. It will last for years without peeling and drying out.

UPVC window frames are extremely robust and sturdy. It has galvanised steel reinforcement that ensures complete protection of your home. It has a double sealed mechanism that acts as a shield against rain, windy loads and dust. UPVC windows are outfitted with an advanced multipoint locking system . The sashas are held tightly to obstruct air passage and ensure high air quality. UPVC windows are installed using premium quality Silicone sealants, it has a great bond energy and it seals the window frame smoothly.

UPVC windows come with the double or triple glazing units. In double glazing, two panes of glasses are separated with the layer of vacuum or inert gas in between them. These Windows are gap proof and prevent the entry of dust.It protects against UV rays and provides energy efficiency.It has a tilt and turn feature. We can open it in two directions. It allows maximum ventilation to rooms. Hardware has a 5 year guarantee.


We can customise UPVC windows and doors.
It provides high security.
It needs low maintenance.
It has durability.
Itihaas whether assistant property
It is a strong ,durable, plastic material
It does not warp in hot temperatures.
BPA free
Long lasting material
Resistant to chemical erosion
Easy to maintain
It is affordable material.
It is resistant to wind,rain,dust, and rot.
Do not need to be cleaned often.
Energy efficient material.
Do not conduct heat.
20 years guarantee
Budget friendly material.


All colors are not available. Options are limited.
You can’t use heights.
It does not take up wind pressure.
Sliding is cheaper than operable windows.

You should check the warranty of hardware before buying UPVC windows. Most of the people easily start the UPVC business. So you should buy it carefully. You should read the spec and check the type of glass .Different types of glasses are available. 5mm plain glass,6mm toughened glass,laminated glass,DGU glass,etc. It affects the price.

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