Advantages and disadvantages of different types of bricks 


      A brick is a block used to build walls, pavements in masonry construction. These blocks are composed of dried clay and it is used to denote other chemically cured construction blocksIt can be joined using mortar or interlocking is produced in numerous classes,materials, types,sizes which vary with region. Light weight bricks are made from expanded clay.Fired bricks are long lasting, strongest building materials. All dried bricks are mud bricks. Mud bricks are older than fired bricks; they have an additional ingredient of mechanical binder such as straw. 3 basic types of bricks are available in the market. They are unfired, fired and chemically set bricks. Each type of bricks are manufactured differently.

Mud bricks 

    It is made from wet clay containing soil mixed with straw. It is air dried until ready for use.

Fired brick

    Moderned,clay and fired bricks are formed in one of three processes.They are soft mud,dry press,etc.Normally bricks contain ingredients are

  • Silica 50 to 60% by weight 
  • Alumina (clay) – 20 to 30 % by weight 
  • Lime – 2 to 5v% by weight 
  • Iron oxide – <7%by weight 
  • Magnesia  – less than 1% by weight 


 There are mainly three methods of shaping raw materials into bricks. Molded bricks are started with a raw clay, mixed with 25 to 30%sand  to reduce shrinkage. The clay is ground and mixed with water to the desired consistency. It is pressed into steel moulds with a hydraulic press. Dry pressed bricks are similar to soft mud molded methods. It starts with a thick clay mix. The provides more accurate and sharper edger bricks. Extruded bricks are the clay mixed with 15% water in a pug is forced through a die to create a long cable of material of desired width and depth.

      It is cut into bricks of the desired length by wires.most of structural bricks are made by hard, dense bricks. The color of fired clay bricks are influenced by the chemical, mineral content of raw materials. Pink bricks contain high iron content. White or yellow bricks contain high lime content. 

Chemical set bricks 

These bricks are not fired,but its curing process accelerated by applications of heat and pressure in an autoclave.calcium silicate bricks are made with clay and lime binding the silicate materials. The raw materials are lime mixed in a proportion of 1to 10 with sand ,quartz, flint with mineral colourants.Tbe materials are mixed and left until the lime is hydrated..The mixture is pressed into moulds and cured in autoclave for 14 hours .These bricks are made in variety of colors.

       Concrete bricks are formed from concrete . It is made from dry,small aggregate concrete formed in steel moulds by vibration in the egg layer . The finished blocks are cured  using low pressure steam.compressed earth blocks are made mostly from slightly local souls compressed with moistened local soils compressed with manual lever press.

How to select bricks for construction 

Red clay bricks 

  • It reduces temperature 
  • It provides 10 inch thickened wall
  • It is durable. 
  • It has load bearing capacity 
  • Different qualities are available in the market. 
  • It is mainly divided into 4 classes.
  • First class bricks are table molded,its edges and surfaces are squares smooth and straight. It is well burnt and it have uniform texture, struck against each other and it can be used for superior works
  • Second class bricks are ground molded bricks.  Its surface is rough and the quality is inferior. 
  • Third class bricks have rough surface and doesn’t create metallic can be used for temporary structures. 
  • Fourth class bricks are overbrunt. It has irregular shape and dark color.we can use it in the floor ,roads and foundation. 
  • Wire cut bricks have high load bearing capacity.  It is an expensive product. 
  • You should  select light remand maximum shaped bricks. We can’t check the strength of a brick.
  • We need 32,000 bricks for a 1500 square feet brick has Rs 10.The bricks has Rs 3,20,000.
  • It is good material. 

Laterite bricks

  • It is the strongest brick.
  • It is well known in Kerala 
  • It has high load bearing capacity. 
  • They are strong and massive bricks. 
  • We can cut it into quarries.
  • It has affordable rates.
  • It has a heavy weight because it is difficult to unload.
  • Different types of qualities are available in the market. 
  • We need 2800 bricks for 1500 square the cost is Rs 1,54,000.
  • If the quarry is near to your place you can select it for construction. 

Cement interlocking bricks

  • Do not need cement 
  • No need of plastering 
  • Strong 
  • We can do electrical, plumbing work.
  • But it needs 4 layers of  putty work.
  • Putty work is costly 
  • Drilling is only allowed in these blocks. 
  • One brick has Rs 45.
  • 6 inch,8 inch bricks are available. 

Mud interlocking bricks 

  • It is the combination of mud,cement and waterproof materials. 
  • But it has holes. 
  • After getting wet, it is not good.
  • One brick has Rs 33

Cement solid blocks

  • It is affordable 
  • It is available everywhere and anytime
  • It is made with cement. 
  • You should select the quality of these bricks.  
  • Someone uses rapid hardening bricks. So these bricks have no cure. So it has less life. 
  • The 8 inch brick has Rs 36.
  • 3200 bricks needed for a 1500square feet house. 
  • It has load bearing capacity,weight,and size.

AAC blocks

  • These blocks are less weight bricks.
  • It has 7 kg weight, 2 feet length.
  • It can be used in partition walls.
  • After 15 years ,it has no guarantee. 
  • You can use these blocks in shops.
  • One brick has Rs 150.

Hollow Clay bricks 

  • it Is less Weight brick
  • We can use it on the first floors.
  • It reduces heat.
  • Clay is used in these blocks, you should plaster and seal it.
  • Drilling only applicable. 
  • Do not make electrical points anywhere. 
  • It is available in two types, Horizontal and vertical. 

Mud Bricks

  • It is compressed with mud, cement, and waterproofing materials. 
  • It is affordable 
  • It reduces heat.
  • One brick has Rs 45.
  • They used clay mud for these bricks. 

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