Add Name in Birth registration Certificate

              Birth certificate is the first record of a child  being born on earth. Therefor parents may not decide naturally ,what to  name when the child is born . Then there will be case the birth certificate is registered ,but the name was not added. It is only then that they things of adding the name of the child on the birth certificate. In this case, here are some rules that you should know.

                         The name to be added must be accurate . Application should be submit to the panchayat or municipality, where the child was born, We get an application form at Rs 2 from the front office ,nearby Panchayat/municipality. Fill the application form and add the child’s name. So here is, what you need to know when adding it.

         As per the order issued by Government of Kerala, B1- 20741 /2009 Panchayat directorate at 8/12/10 and 4356 /2015, Panchayat director office TVM  at 7/12/15.Thiis circular is the state document on which it is based . This is done on the basis of a law.

2)          On registration without adding the name ,the name of the child must be added in accordance with article 14 of the birth and death registration act and rule 10 of the rules.

3)        The child’s name must be added within one year from the registration date. After that the delay was followed by ,you can add a late fee of Rs 5 . The name should be added with the joint  application of the parents. In case of non submission of application jointly, add name on the request of the name of one of the parents or the child.

             In case of parents are not living, they can add name, as the  request for their legal guardian. When adding a name, be sure to include the initial/ surname/ place name/caste name.

4)                   To solve the problem that some  name are given to children without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Any identity of the parents approved by the central Election Commission should be submitted along with the application.

5)          If the name is added after the age of 6, you will receive a special from starting the name, Date of Birth ,birth order of all children born to the parents and whether they are alive or not.  The form must be filled and signed it and submitted.

6)                   If the child’s name is added in the birth registration certificate ,after joined the school, you will need to submit a valid  copy of the school registration form along with the application . Therefore ,you will get a birth certificate which is the same as the name on the school record. Joint request of the parents or a copy of the identification document is not required .

7)       When the name is added in the birth register and when the parents name is recorded in the birth reports, you can add the name of the school document / official documents along with initial developed version, if needed.

8)       You can also add the generic name of the child / parent to the birth certificate along with any official document name in the registration.

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