Aarogya Sanjeevani Medical Insurance

         Aarogya Sanjeevani is a new Insurance Scheme launched by IRDA to  ensure better health and safety for all in India. Here we will discuss  the advantage and disadvantage of Arogya Sanjivani policy. This is a plan which provides medical insurance coverage which is required typical medical benefits for a small  premium with the intention of getting everybody. It has only recently started.


  •  It comes at a small premium  : it comes at a lower premium than other policies.
  •  Very easy to join  : All insurance companies have a Arogya Sanjivani policy. Its coverage and premium is the same everywhere .It is a simple policy. 
  • It can be transferred from one company to another. It has portability.
  • It  gives cashless coverage. We get coverage without paying money.
  • You should ensure coverage of the cashless facility at the hospital where you use this policy.
  • This policy covers all the medical related things that have been done 30 days before and 60 days later. pre or post hospitalization can be claimed .
  • Aayush has  been covered in this policy.
    ( Ayurveda Unani Siddha homeo pathi) 
  • It has no claim bonus  : If we pay an year and we are not treated that year, we get a no- claim bonus .
  • That means our coverage will increase next year. Increasing coverage will increase 5 lakhs to 7 1/2  lakhs.
  • If you cancel this policy ,you will get a refund. If you  cancel within one month of joining this policy ,this company will return  75 % premium to us .50 % of the premium will be refunded within 3 months . 25 % of the premium will be refunded within 6 months. 


  •  It has very little coverage . its coverage is from  Rs 1,00,000 to 5,00,000.
  • The coverage is pretty basic 
  • This policy does not apply to people with  large medical conditions .
  • It has to pay 5% of co-pay.
  •        example :   If we spend Rs 100 ,we will  pay Rs 5 and Company will pay  Rs 95
  •  If we joined  with the policy, it becomes active after 30 days.
  • It has no Maternity coverage .
  • It has a sub limit.
  • In this policy, the room rent is 2 %. That is Rs 10,000 policy of Rs 5 lakh .
  • 5 % of ICU under this  policy . 
  • Cataract surgery of the eye  25 %.
  •  It has no other Riders. Some health insurance policies include  accident/ critical Riders of these there are none. 

Some characteristics

  • One can take any numbers   of Arogya Sanjivani policies.
  • Already, if you are a medical insurer  take a Arogya Sanjivani policy and top up your policy .
  • The premium is the same for all companies in India.
  •  All companies cover the same things.
  • This is a very good policy for those who do not currently have medical insurance and for those who have  little medical condition
  •  In hospitals that we normally depends on, choose a company that give a  cashless facility and select that company policy. Never cancel an existing policy and take Arogya  Sanjeevani . It is very important

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