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     Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful house.most of the people prefer variety designs.proper variety selection is an important step.It is important that sometimes to select the right variety for the right environment. This decision is one of the first steps to maximizing yields.A new home can make a large difference in a person’s life.A Home can do many things for a family. It can bring a family close together. Process of building a home is a great opportunity to enhance new techniques. It is not an easy task.it definitely makes a huge impact in our lives.A home can be built using different methods. 

        Firstly a plan is very  important. It illustrates measurements of a house .It helps to understand the blueprint and it includes every measurements and position where rooms will be located.without a blueprint ,it is very difficult to build one of the modern home.plan of a home includes several sections. It will help builders successfully build a home.A standard house plan includes cover sheet,foundation plan,interior elevations,floor plans,roof plan,interior elevation, exterior elevation, wall details, etc.

     If you want to design a house,you should identify landmarks of surrounding land.people who select low quality materials to construct homes ,but it leads to big problems.  So always select good quality materials. Problems begin soon after you finish the construction  process .Sometimes it collapses and otherwise begins to develop maintenance issues after a year.

       We can see a house built by a photographer. Most people build houses according to their wishes. Today we are introduced to such a beautiful house. The uniqueness of this house is that it was built by a photographer. He wanted to build a house with the design that had the theme of his camera.Designers also provided full support to him.

     The elevation of this beautiful house is provided by the camera,lens ,reflector and flash. The structure of the work is reminiscent of these things.And also it increases the beauty of this house.This house has a texture wall.It is represented in a manner reminiscent of a tripod.

     This house was in Nilambur, malappuram.The 1880 square feet house is built on 15 cents.Bibin is the owner of this house ,he is a photographer. It designed by srudheesh,four angle designs. First plan was to attach glass windows on the outside wall to make it look like the lens of the house. But even more beautiful is the show wall with GI Pipe provided here.

      This house has a very spacious yard. It increases the beauty  of this house.The yard is decorated with natural stones. The yard is lined with grass on both sides.A beautiful garden with lawn is provided on one side of this house. There is also some furniture made of metals.

     This house has a beautiful sit out,living area, dining area,four bedrooms with attached bathroom and a beautiful kitchen. There is not a lot of furniture in the house. This makes the house feel like it has a lot of space. A very small sofa set is provided in the living room. A TV stand and TV are provided on the opposite side of the sofa. A very small teapo is also provided there.

       One wall in the living room is painted and decorated with a grey texture. A variety of indoor plants are provided in the rooms to enhance the beauty of the home. Four bedrooms are provided here. The interior of this house is beautifully styled. The interior theme is minimalism. The interior is a white and wooden theme. 

The dining area comes under the staircase. The dining area is arranged on one side of the living area. On one side of the dining area has a cupboard with wooden finish. The staircase is made of wooden plank drafted onto a GI structure.

     We can see an open kitchen. It has a kitchen counter near the dining  area. We can use it as a breakfast  counter. High  chairs are used here.They have 3 children. 3 bedrooms are decorated with a kids theme. Every bedroom has an attached bathroom and wardrobes.

      They purchased construction materials from shops near the house.It reduces the cost. They made doors,Windows and ledges out of the woods  of their house.it reduces furnishing costs.It has totally Rs 52 lakhs.

       You can design your house simply.Try to build a tiny home.select an experienced builder.choose building materials wisely. Buy materials from your nearest shops. Always select quality materials. You should  select a square or rectangular design. You can make the exterior more interesting with landscaping, lighting,etc.Roofing designs affect the price of your home.Always select simple design. 

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