A Two bedroom house of 1000 square feet built at 5 cents


     Today I would like to introduce a low cost  beautiful house. Everyone  has a dream to make a house at low cost. Every person spends more money for their education  and house. Home is one of our primary needs.

      Almost all people take out a home equity loan . But now that many people are losing their jobs it is very difficult to repay a loan. Therefore it is best to keep the low cost when building a home. Do not increase the number of rooms  unnecessarily. They can increase costs.

Avoid luxuries.

        Before building a house, make careful planning and budgeting. Today I would like to introduce you to a 1000 square feet house built at a cost of Rs 14 lakh.

      This house has a sitout,living area,dining area,2 bedrooms with attached bathroom,kitchen,work area. It is a beautiful  modern house.  It is 5 cents.  The house has been beautified by interior works. Dining area is set as an open style.  Vitrified tiles are used for the flooring. This house was completed within 6 months. 

        The house has a kitchen with essential space facilities. Lots of storage space is also provided.The total cost of this house including interiors and furnishings  was Rs 14 lakhs. The construction was completed  by shan tirur.

      Normal materials  are used for this construction.  They are used concrete frames. Grills used in back doors. It has a show wall.sitout 330×150,living area and dining  area 330×510,Bed rooms 300×300,bathroom 150×180, kitchen 300×360, work area 150×360.

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