Today I would like to introduce a small television at Rs 1000.It is  a variety  television.  It is called telliwibe max. It i s a nostalgic  look device.    It contains a USB cable.Its one side is a micro USB,another side is USB A.And it has a box type cable. 

       This device has a space and  two controls. We can fix our mobile in it.   In the backside of this  device we can see a speaker.  It is a bluetooth speaker.

        We can switch on the device.  We can hear the sound. It has a battery to charge this device.   We can connect USB storages.  We can insert an SD card into it. 

      It has an FM radio.  We can control the mobile with  this device. We can pause ,play ,and control volume using the buttons.  We will get maximum  sound effects  from this device. 

         We can use this as a mobile stand. During online classes it is very useful for  us.  It is also an entertainment  device. Most of the children have to attend online classes with their mobile phones.But for those who have it,it is a very useful  device.

      Another great feature  is that we can connect bluetooth ,USB ,SD Card, to it.We can control the mobile within this device.Its price is Rs 1000.

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