A simple work from home with Paytm payout 

                  This is the  time when offline job opportunities are decreasing . The possibilities for online jobs are also growing rapidly . Many of those people who are working offline ,now have a tendency to select the online sectors.

Today we are going to share with you how to make an income through online.

        We have to  introduce a company  have many branches in UAE, Singapore ,USA and India . It is a great branded company. This was something we did not know about it . If it had been known earlier , it would have been introduced. All jobs can be done via mobile /computer / Android phones. We can do it by being normal web oriented. This is a great job we can do with all kinds of platforms.

           This is a simple survey  job. We can earn a payment from this very simply . It can be redeemed. It  also has option to be ready for PayTM. Similarly we can generate and take coupon code to a platform like  Amazon and Flipkart. This is a good site. Many peoples are working on it.

 link  : http:// bit.do/ joinwithpaytm

  • Click on this link and get 500 points as a welcome bonus.
  • You get 1250points when profiling. 
  • You can do redeem, if there is a minimum of 2300 points.
  • You can redeem your Paytm or shopping  card.
  • The first redeem  option comes with a minimum 500 points.
  • First redeem is a Jackpot systemt’s

Let us  go to the website as  direct.

  • The company’s name is panel station .
  • Detail of the company that controls the panel station 


 The panel station,

 Building 2B,

 Tower 3 ,7th floor,

 Embassy Tech Village,

 Marathaalli ,Sarjapur Ring Road ,

Devara beesanhalli ,

Bangalore      560103

 phone number   : 9108049313800

 For business enquiries please visit ;

www.borderlessaccess.com .

  • The company that controls this website isis borderless access company.
  • Search the name of this company and you will get the details of it .
  • Visit  the panel station.
  •  Enter email ID ,gender, name, date of birth, mobile number, city, employment station.
  • If  you join this, you can work here .
  • Their apps are available on Play Store and app store.
  • Click on the link provided for the description because you get 500 points.
  •  They will be inform on your  site and mail when the server comes .
  • Survey ID ,points, consumer survey, method of Survey, expiry date will be informed.
  • Now the profile needs to be updated.
  • Go to profile section .
  • Fill your details.
  • We get points  based on details.
  • Click the redeem rewards button .
  •  If you have 500 points, you can join   the’ enter draw’ section .
  • Cost is 500 points per ticket.
  •  If you want to buy something ,you need 3000 points.
  •  If you participate in a draw, you will get a first prize of Rs 20,000 and second prize of Rs 10,000 on Paytm .
  • Select a preferred survey from available surveys.
  •  Answer the questions .
  • You will get points when completed.
  •  Points can be redeemed.
  •  This is a great site .
  • It has help centres,and rewards.

 This is a company in India, support it all. This is a good job for the unemployed peoples.

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