A Scheme with a pension of up to Rs 5000 / month 

    Today I would like to inform you about a Rs 5000 pension scheme. Many people are losing their jobs in this lockdown situation. That is why the pension they get in their homes is one of the biggest benefits for them. 

     There are a lot of people in our country who work and get salaries daily.  But due to lock down they didn’t go to work. That is the most difficult thing for them. So many people are Starving in our country.

     There are many people in our country who cannot go to work after a certain age. Today I would like to introduce you to something that is useful to such people. This  is the pension scheme of up to Rs 5000. If you are over 18 years, you can participate in this scheme.

    It is a good idea to join this scheme as soon as you know this information. This is because the amount you have to pay will change with age.

        It is a central  government  scheme.  This scheme is called Atal pension  yojana.   Mainly this scheme is aimed at unorganized  workers. We can join this scheme through  banks. We should pay a monthly contribution.  

           18 yrs old people pay Rs 210 monthly  contribution.  40 yrs old people pay Rs 1454 monthly contribution.  It is administered by PFRDA.


  • You should have a bank account 

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