A one year warranty washing machine for Rs 2500

           A washing machine for just Rs 2500 . It is something to be surprised. You can wash your dress in 10 minutes and that too with less electricity . This low cost washing machine is designed by Murugesan from Coimbatore ,who have 40 years of work experience. It has 6 litre or 8 litre storage capacity.

The washing machine is manufactured by his own company Devi Lakshmi industries in Coimbatore. 

             It is prepared with the supervision of experts including the use of  motor .145 watts of power is enough to make this washing machine to act. This  washing machine does not have the complications of automatic or semi automatic washing machine that are currently dominating the market.

           The weights only 11 kg. Some space is enough  for it. It has tens of thousands of happy customers in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Kerala.  It has 1 year warranty .you can get this new generation washing machine for Rs 2500. A lot of people use it in Kerala too. It saves our time and electricity. Here no dealers, agents, showrooms and distributions. It directly sale to consumers.

 contact number   : 9345938546

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