A natural fertilizer to have a lot of coconuts in a coconut tree

      Today I would like to inform you about a nat ural fertilizer for coconut.  Every houses have coconut trees. Coconut is very essential  for our food items. We gives artificial and natural  fertilizers  to the coconut tree. Coconut trees need extra nitrogen for its growth.  We can use salt fertilizers  for its growth.  It increases weight of the cobras. It decreases the damage of leaves.

      We can use poultry waste to it. It helps to get nutrients. Keep watered the coconut trees. Fertilize it after one year.  Coconut trees take 6 to 10 years to produce first fruit. After 15 years it produce fruits peak level.

      It needs extra nitrogen. We can use natural fertilizers.  Today I would like to inform you how to make a natural fertilizer.  we can do this weekly once. Take ground nut and make a powder of it. Add Rice water,cow dung  . Mix well and the border should always be away from the base of the coconut.

      Do not cut the root of the coconut. We can give food waste to it.We will get a lot of coconuts.

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