A Magic drink for lowering Cholesterol

        Today I want to share with you  a few things about heart attack. Diseases are the guests we are not invited to our life. Heart attack is one of the most common disease nowadays. This problem is often found in young people. In olden days, this disease was only present in an elderly persons.  This diseases is now common in young people, women and children.


  • Unhealthy eating habits.
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking 
  • Alcohol consumption 
  • Cholesterol
  •  High BP
  •  Obesity 

          Today we are introducing a drink for heart attack off for those who have came and  don’t come. People who have a short valve of heart may drink it .You should drink it for 30 days at any time. This drink protect your heart.

         Let’s see what are the foods we should eat to prevent heart attack.

  •      Fibre rich foods. 

Now fast food life , everyone avoid  fibre rich foods. They are eating the food items are fried in oil . Our government has banned about 34 – 35 oil brands in the last days . A human body needs only 10 ml of oil a  day. In fact 2 tablespoon of oil is needed. But we eat more oil we have. Many people wonder with oil is better for our body.

     In ancient times ,doctors were told not to eat egg yolks. Because it contains a lot of cholesterol. But according to the present study, egg whites and yolks should be eaten.

  • Beef, mutton should be avoided 
  • Eating chicken is not  to cause cholesterol. Because the skin of the chicken contains cholesterol .After we remove its skin and cook. So you can eat chicken.
  •  Eat fish with scales.
  •  One of the most lazy things for many of us is to exercise. We can exercise at any time. It is best to exercise in the morning. There are many different types of exercises The best of it is the walk. Just walk in the yard of our house 10times cholesterol is reduced by half of our body.

           I tell you two things that people with  cholesterol have to do.

  •  Drink boiling water with the horse gram .
  • Drinking this water will reduce kidney stones and it will lower cholesterol level.
  • You only have to eat for six to seven days .Horse gram  is something that people have been eating olden days. But nowadays people don’t eat this one . 
  • Similarly drinking 3 or 4 garlic in a warm milk before bed time can help lower cholesterol.
  • Raw garlic is also good to eat.

        Let us  how to identify heart attack. Heart attack is difficult to identify often it does not show any specific symptoms. Some of the signs are already giving it to our body. But often we don’t care .








 increased heart rate 

  • Do a full body checkup at least once a year.

Magical drink to reduce cholesterol 

         you will drink this continuously 30 days 


 Ginger   – 1 Piece

 Garlic     – 3 piece

 Lemon peel   – 1

Water       – 1 ½ glass

  • Slice these ingredients .
  • Take 1 ½  glass of water in a bowl.
  •  Add sliced ginger, garlic and lemon peel .
  • Let it  to boil for about 5 minutes.
  • This 1 ½ of water should be drained in to 1  glass of water.
  • Drink this water with  light warm.
  •  It helps to dissolve the fat in our body.
  •  People with acidity should not drink before breakfast.
  • Please try this.
  • Please share this information to others. 

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